10,000 Tamils break Tiger defences to cross over to government controlled territory


An estimated 10,000 Tamils who were held against their will inside a Tamil Tiger fortification, also known as the government demarcated 'Safe Zone', managed to turn the tables on their captors leaving the Tigers (LTTE) in 'total disarray' says the Sri Lanka Ministry of Defence website.

Video filmed from an unmanned Ariel drone is posted on the Ministy's website.

The Tigers deprived these people for weeks with no food while their leaders and their families were well looked after.

The Red Cross (ICRC) has not been able to ferry food in due to heavy fighting since last week. The Red Cross will not put it's staff in harms way. Therefore, it will not deliver the aid unless there is a complete lull in the fighting. With the Tigers facing definite defeat for the first time in the history of this 30 year old conflict, both sides can't seem to give the ICRC the kind of assurance it needs.

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