2700 brave Tamil Tiger fire to flee Sri Lankan war zone

The Sri Lankan government has had enough of international criticism and claims of them shelling this zone when it has not. Two days ago they launched an all out assault with special forces commandos - rifle to rifle - man to man - no heavy weapons needed under the cover of dark - with the aid of night vision.

As a result more civilians have been able to break away from the thinning Tigers' defensive lines to flee the Tigers and come to government controlled areas.

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — Thousands of civilians braved rebel fire Thursday to break out of Sri Lanka's war zone, the military said, as health workers abandoned the only hospital in the area — leaving hundreds of wounded behind — because of unrelenting shelling.

At least four civilians were killed and 14 others wounded when the rebels shot at them as they waded across a lagoon that forms the front line of the war, the military said.

The Red Cross said the war zone was wracked by fighting Thursday, despite appeals from President Barack Obama and the U.N. for the two sides to end their civil war and let the estimated 50,000 civilians trapped in the area escape.

The government has cornered the Tamil Tigers on a tiny strip of land — bordered by the sea on one side and a vast lagoon on another — and vowed to finish off the rebels after 25 years of civil war.

It has denied it is responsible for the shelling that has killed hundreds of civilians, saying the military has not fired heavy weapons in the area in weeks.

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