Acid attack on Sinhalese youth by Tamil Tigers in Australia

Two Sri Lankan youth of Sinhalese decent have been brutally assaulted, and suffered serious acid burns after Tamil youth broke into their home in Sydney, Australia.

We can most certainly expect this from youth who have been brought up in a culture of violence.
Anyone who support the Tamil Tigers, considers them freedom fighters, accepts the use of child soldiers and suicide bombings is an extremist. A group which is banned for it's exploitation of women as suicide bombers, mass murder and ethnic cleansing can never be considered freedom fighters. You can't fight for the freedom of some while destroying the freedom of others. That cause is no longer noble and worthy of the tag 'freedom fighter'.

Federal Bureau of Investigations (USA)
As terrorist groups go, it has quite a résumé:

*Perfected the use of suicide bombers;
*Invented the suicide belt;
*Pioneered the use of women in suicide attacks;
*Murdered some 4,000 people in the past two years alone; and
*Assassinated two world leaders—the only terrorist organization to do so.

No, it’s not al Qaeda or Hezbollah or even HAMAS. The group is called the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) or the Tamil Tigers for short.

Needless to say, the Tamil Tigers are among the most dangerous and deadly extremists in the world. For more than three decades, the group has launched a campaign of violence and bloodshed in Sri Lanka, the island republic off the southern coast of India.

Those who justify their actions surely must follow the same principles in everyday life.

Australia is yet to ban the Tigers as a terrorist group.

'Splashed with acid' during home invasion

Two men are in hospital - one in an induced coma with severe burns - after a violent, bloody home invasion in Sydney's west overnight that a friend says is linked to friction between local Tamils and supporters of the Sri Lankan government.

The men were inside their house, on Alexandra Avenue at Westmead, when about five men forced their way inside about midnight and went on a rampage, police said.

Both were splashed with some sort of acid, one a 22-year-old who suffered severe burns. He was taken to the burns unit at Concord Hospital and had to be placed in an induced coma.

The other, 27, was also splashed with acid and also stabbed in the stomach.

His ankle was also broken in the attack, and was in a serious but stable condition at Westmead Hospital.

IF this isn't a hate crime, I wonder what is?

In Canada a Buddhist monk of Sri Lankan origin is afraid to leave the monastery to attend English classes just 10 minutes down the road.

Scarborough fire fuels tension over crisis in Sri Lanka

Nalaka Tissamaharamaya, a thin Sinhalese monk in a red fleece and saffron robes, has not attended ESL classes in more than two weeks, fearing the short walk from his temple down Kingston Rd.

Yesterday, his fears were confirmed when a fire swept through the predominantly Sinhalese Buddhist temple in Scarborough.

Attacks such as this will now become a common place across the world as the Tigers come to terms with their defeat. It is a sign that the Tamils who support the Tigers wish not for peace or a new start.

Tamil conflict behind Sydney acid attack

Police say the defeat of the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka triggered a violent home invasion in Sydney last night, which left two men in hospital with acid burns.

Up to five men broke into a home at Westmead in the city's west just before midnight.

Two men were hiding in a bedroom but the invaders found them and threw acid at their faces.

One of the men was also stabbed in the stomach and had his ankle broken, he is in a serious but stable condition at Westmead Hospital.

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Anonymous said...

I am a Tamil and I am so disgusted by the acts of these pro-LTTE mob !

Anonymous said...

It's time the Tamils realise that the Tigers have bought them misery and a bad name. It's shameful you guys turned up in your thuosands for such a group. The fmaily members of these attackers know it is their sons or brothers who were involved. Do the right thing, call the police!

Candy said...

Police search for Tamil Tigers supporters after acid attack

Anonymous said...

More Tamil violence against sinhalese in Australia

Anonymous said...

This is going to further hate Tamils in Sydney by Australians. They already think they're terrorists and this just enforces that. I feel bad for moderate educated Tamils who get tainted by these actions. Also the poor men who got horrifically injured! These desperate Tamils are acting like animals. Even animals behave better.

Anonymous said...

I believe our former AG Siva Pasupathi lives in Sydney, still drawing a Sri Lankan pension. Maybe he can be called upon to represent these attackers when they are eventually arrested or prepare some kind of ISGA for the Tamils in Sydney.

Anonymous said...

I live in Sydney, and was horrified to see this acid attack and stabbing on the radio this morning. This just shows that the Australian govt still tolerates terrorist cells in suburban Australia. This is just disgusting.
Lets hope and pray that these young guys can fully recover. Shame on these Tamil thugs- Let's hope that the Australian police swiftly apprehends these criminals!

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