Amnesty International criticises Canada for killings and disappearances of visible minorities.

In it's latest 400 page Human Rights report, Amnesty International has lashed out at Canada over "its failure to protect native girls and women who are killed or vanish at a startling rate."

The Canadian Press Association

"A new human-rights report cites Canada for its failure to protect native girls and women who are killed or vanish at a startling rate"

"The Native Women's Association of Canada recently reported that 520 native girls and women have been killed or have vanished since 1970."

"Police use of Taser stun guns is singled out as well, including the deaths last year of at least six Canadians and 50 Americans soon after they were jolted. The North American total of Taser-related deaths is now at least 366, Amnesty says."

What has this got to do with Sri Lanka?

Impressionable Sri Lankan youth use statements from Amnesty and HRW to make judgements about what is going on Sri Lanka. I am not trying to put down Amnesty or Human Rights Watch. I am merely explaining how Amnesty and HRW makes similar allegations on various countries, and not just Sri Lanka or Sudan.

The Tamil Tigers used Amnesty statements and HRW press releases to paint the Sri Lankan government in bad light. Again I'm not playing down anything that the government is held responsible for. Nor am I claiming that every charge levelled at the Sri Lankan government is false.

I am making a point to those who only read Amnesty and HRW's reports when it only pertains to a certain argument.

If you follow Amnesty and HRW's reports over time, you will come to the conclusion, as I have, that every country in the world is gripped with it's own set of issues and human rights violations. Not just the Sri Lankan government.

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Anonymous said...

This is a good eye opener.

Anonymous said...

then can we make the conclusion that Amnesty and HRW are not biased?

Bailaman said...

I have never said Amnesty or HRW was biased. I've supported Amnesty in the past through purchases on their online gift shop.

I, however, have always maintained that not everything we read is true. And I continue to point out the power of the Tigers' propaganda wing. The Tigers used Amnesty and HRW's statements to suit their game.

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