Canada is not doing enough to protect Sri Lankans from the Tamil Tigers

Canada is home to thousands of Tamil Tiger combatants who posed as refugees. If you think that this is some airy fairy statement, worry not. I have evidence to back my claim.

Globe and Mail interviewed members of the Tamil diaspora living in Canada to get a pro Tiger view of Prabhakaran's death. The persons interviewed were not hesitant to inform the reporter of their affiliation with the Tigers. One was a close associate of the Tamil Tiger leader and the other admits to being a combatant who received military training in Tiger training camps in India.

According to Canadian law I wonder if it is illegal to have lied on your immigration application?

The refugee program was not created to harbour terrorist and people who have committed crimes against humanity.

Globe and Mail
“There is an admiration, but there is also a sense of responsibility and protection towards him [Prabhakaran] that they feel,” said another Toronto man, who served two years with the Tigers, describing his unit's first meeting with the leader in 1984.

It happened one morning at a jungle training camp in India's Tamil Nadu province, where the man had put in six months of gruelling drills after helping to build the camp. He was milling about with other soldiers when “suddenly somebody came and told us that Prabhakaran was almost there.”

The young recruits gathered at the camp entrance to watch a jeep pull up and their leader climb down from it, rifle in hand. “He was walking and he had a .22 rifle with him,” the man said. “He was shooting at the birds. He has good aim, actually; very good.”
The Globe and Mail reporter must cooperate with Immigration Canada to reveal the identity of such individuals. It is undoubtedly such people who also inspire young Canadians to carry out hate crimes against the Sinhalese.

This morning a Sri Lankan (Sinhalese owned) restaurant - the only one in the Brampton/Mississauga area - was set on fire by Tamil Tiger sympathisers. Sri Lankans living in Canada claim there are many Tamil restaurants and businesses in Brampton which have not faced any issues it's just the Sinhalese temples and restaurants.

All non Candians of Sri Lankan origin who do not support the Tigers, live in perpetual fear.


When one is raised in an environment which supports suicide bombings, and extremist ideals become the norm. One's response to anger and sadness would be a violent one.

Toronto Star
Restaurateur Tilakarathne said he had been harassed two weeks earlier by people in cars waving Tamil Tiger flags and honking horns outside the establishment. The next day, a front window was smashed but he said he hadn't experienced any problems before that.

He has operated the restaurant with his wife and three employees for about 18 months. He has been in Canada for about 20 years and lived in Brampton since 2004.

Samples of a possible accelerant were taken for testing, Brampton fire department assistant division chief Dan Quinnell said.

John Thompson, president of the Mackenzie Institute, a Toronto think-tank that studies political instability and organized violence, said police have monitored Tamil Tiger supporters in Ontario for years, and he is concerned that the end of the civil war will bring more violence and vandalism to the GTA.

He said he is concerned about "real diehard elements" in the Tamil community: professional activists and youth who define themselves as Tamils through the Tigers.

"They're not part of the struggle, they're upset that the struggle has been lost, and there's that inclination towards militancy."

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Anonymous said...

"They're not part of the struggle, they're upset that the struggle has been lost, and there's that inclination towards militancy."

The Tamils who live here in Canada are a part of the struggle, we are fighting a battle too. Every life that we lost due to this bloody war is the reason we protest. We want to live in peace, and that is all we have been asking for.But the Sinhalese has continued to try and make us look bad by these lame tactics to frame the Tamils. And that is exactly what they are trying to do, by saying the Tamils are in blame for what happened to the Sri Lankan restaurant. Do you know how many people could have done it? Like seriously.

Prasanna said...


Please grow up. If we wanted peace we wont be branded terrorist by 33 countries around the world.

According to DBS Jeyaraj Prabhajaran never considered us Tamils who live outside Sri Lanka as anything but traitors till he needed us.

Tamils like you blindly followed.

KMN said...

I am a Canadian Tamil girl. I never went for any of these protests. But I have sent money to charities to help my people. Care international is in Sri Lanka if you care for your Tamils help them not go and break the law.

I am embarrassed to be a Tamil

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Tamils were behind this attack. There is no doubt that Tamils were behind the acid attack on Sinhalese youth in Australia.

There is no doubt. Wait till arrests are made. You can't make excuses for your terrorism then.

Anonymous said...

I am sick this has carried on to Canadian soil.

As a Canadian I'm appalled the conservative government turned a blind eye to these terrorist protesting and blocking our streets.

Narmadi said...

KMN, you need not be "embarrassed to be a Tamil". Normal Tamils are honourable people. The people who are carrying on these sort of things are Tamil TIGERS, not Tamils.

Anonymous said...

Wed, May 27, 2009, 06:00 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

May 27, Colombo: Hundreds of protesters gathered at the outside of the Canadian High Commission in Colombo this morning protesting against failing to take any action against the LTTE violence in Canada.

Shouting slogans charging Canada of supporting LTTE terrorism, protesters hoisted an LTTE Flag outside the Embassy and painted on the wall of the High Commission saying 'LTTE Headquarters in Colombo'.

Recently LTTE supporters in Canada attacked Sri Lanka Gardens restaurant and the Toronto Maha Viharaya and carried out a series of violent activities against the Sri Lankan Sinhalese people living there.

Anonymous said...

In Canada we have the RCMP, a real Police force unlike the rapists & murders who work for Lankan govt. Our police will investigate & charge the either the thugs who did this act of vandalism or the business owner if he was after insurance money. They will do this based on facts as any credible police force should.

Indian peacekeepers, Lankan Sinhalese soldiers & Tamil Tiger crimes are recorded by unbiased NGO

The Tigers killed one of UTHR(J) members so we know these teachers are dedicated to truth.

Sri Lanka turns back Tamil aid ship
... a fine example of Lanka looking after Tamils!

Sex crime by Sinhalese Sri Lankan soldiers

Burning of Jaffna Library

Mass graves

FYI GoSL, Bob Rae has spoken out against Tamil Tigers because he's a moderate.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who supports human rights anywhere are considered to be terrorists or backed by LTTE as far as the Lankan government is concerned.

"If you think of yourself as Chinese, Malays, Indians and Sri Lankans, then Singapore will collapse. You must think of Singapore: 'This is my country.' I fight and die for Singapore if necessary"
- S. Rajaratnam, former Singapore Foreign Minister & founder of ASEAN who advised against Sri Lanka's membership due to their divisive ethnic politics and corrupt government

Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime - Ernest Hemingway

In war, truth is the first casualty - Aeschylus

Anonymous said...

Time to remove the "Sri" [glorious,radiant] from Lanka.

Both sides are in the wrong and it looks like the current government is not going to work for real peace, just war monger & police state there way to a "final solution"

whitemocha said...

This a reply to the post above:

I'm sorry but war never solves issues - only propagates more anger & destruction.
We're in the frigin 21st century folks - let's learn to live in peace together.

Joe said...

Both sides are not int he wrong. Only side is considered a terorrist, the other side has to face elections and gets kicked out by the voters.

whitemocha said...

correction: my reply above was to post at 7:08pm

Anonymous said...

RCMP has made no arrests in this case. It must be "a lack of will on the part of the Canadian government" ..or "state sponsored" which is it?

why does the Tamil Tiger above think the current government is not commited to peace?

Anonymous said...

Most tamils in canada hate sinhalese. They are racist.

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