German trains grind to a halt as Tamil Tigers take over

Takes me back to my post ''Peaceful protests' now the weapon of choice for terrorist"

30,000 commuters in Germany have been stuck as the Tigers blocked a major railway track in Germany. See image below.

Make no mistake these people are not protesting for the lives of the innocent. If they did they would be protesting against the Tamil Tigers who are using civilians as a human shield [UN statement]. They carry the red flag of the Tamil Tigers.

Instead they want sanctions imposed on all of Sri Lanka's citizens (21 Million) because the government - who have the Tigers cornered - will not allow the Tamil Tigers to flee.

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)
As terrorist groups go, it has quite a résumé:

  • Perfected the use of suicide bombers;
  • Invented the suicide belt;
  • Pioneered the use of women in suicide attacks;
  • Murdered some 4,000 people in the past two years alone; and
  • Assassinated two world leaders—the only terrorist organization to do so.

No, it’s not al Qaeda or Hezbollah or even HAMAS. The group is called the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) or the Tamil Tigers for short.


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Michelle said...

This is an act of terrorism. Police chief Blair in Toronto must hand in his resignation for doing nothing.

Hans said...

German public is incredibly inconvenienced and we are pretty fed up.

Anonymous said...

Germans dont care for your problems in Sri Lanka. Please go back!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining what is going on here.

Anonymous said...

Bailaman dishes out more baila to appease the sinhalas

Anonymous said...

They are afraid that they will be sent back..coz they lied about srilanka and got to stay german lady told me that political refugees are not allowed to work the government pay them to live...they are afraid that they will loose their luxury life...ha ha them come back

Anonymous said...

When the Germans put them in jail, will they say they are in concentration camps?

Anonymous said...

We must all live in peace but what Bailaman says is the truth. The facts are in his post. You can't deny or hide the truth.

DeeCee said...

This is embarrasing for neutral tamils trying to live peacefully in SL and abroad.

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