Healing psychological wounds in Sri Lanka

The distressed in Sri Lanka are not only those caught up in the conflict zone, or those in the northern province.

Trying to isolate Sri Lanka and it's people as the UK have done will only cause more suffering than any good. We know the US' approach to Cuba and Libya have not worked! Miliband displays the brash attitude of the Bush administration!

Sri Lanka: Healing psychological wounds

Since the tsunami struck Sri Lanka, the plight of people who lost homes and livelihoods in the suburbs of greater Colombo has often been overshadowed by areas in the south and east of the country that suffered more extensive damage.

But residents of areas like Mattakuliya, Gampaha and Modara endured just as much emotional and psychological hardship as their peers in other coastal regions.

Sandamali and her three young boys, aged 14, 11 and seven, are among the thousands of families who had to temporarily evacuate their homes after the tsunami.