How did Tamil Tiger leader Prabhakaran die?

[Update] Please note that the post below contains outdated information. Since this post was first published the Sri Lankan Military has provided their own account of events.

See the following:
Prabhakaran's final moments revealed by the Sri Lankan Military.

This seems to be the hottest topic these days. Was he executed after he was asked to surrender? That's the Tiger's version of the story.

For the first time a Sri Lankan publication, the Island, which is not a state run news paper, reported in detail about the demise of Charles Anthony and Prabhakaran.

The Island (SL)
A large group of LTTE cadres disguised as civilians had reached an entry point manned by the 53 Division at 2 a.m. on Monday and sought entry, sources said. But troops had requested them to wait at the entry point promising to take them inside at the first light. But they had insisted that they be admitted as there were some wounded civilians among the group. "All of a sudden, they opened fire with a range of weapons including machine guns," a senior military official told The Island.

Although the attackers had fought their way into the government-held area, the Army acted swiftly to bring in reinforcements to thwart a breakthrough. Army Chief General Sarath Fonseka had issued a series of directives to ground commanders to ensure the total destruction of the enemy, sources said.

The 58 Division which was preparing to clear the last LTTE stronghold north of Karaymullivaikkal at first light on Monday, too, joined the 53 Division troops along with the Special Forces and Commandos. The Army said that following confrontations, troops had recovered 250 bodies including that of Charles Anthony. Prabhakaran, his intelligence wing leader Pottu Amman and Sea Tiger leader Soosai had been among the group.

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Ganga said...

So he almost got away then?

Anonymous said...

He was in military uniform when he was shot. The above says they were disguised as civilians.

The government needs to come out clearly with the story and fast before it breeds all kinds of theories.

Red Cross says the LTTE wanted to surrender through them. But did not want to surrender to the government. What kind of surrender that is, I do not know.

Anonymous said...

no matter how the heck the filthy swine was killed. this is something that must have happened decades ago.

Anonymous said...

I agree, this should have happened decades ago. Any Sri Lanakan wouldve shot him on the spot more or less. May Prabakaran rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

I would have shot the Motherfucker Prabakaran and his entire Family for free, without any mercy

Anonymous said...

This motherfucker son of Pig ,died like a dog,he is a bad name for Tamils. Cowerd killed like a runnig dog.

Anonymous said...

Notre leader Prabakaran est toujours en vie.

Nous obtiendrons le Tamil Eelam très prochainement

Vive Prabakaran
vive Tamil eelam

Anonymous said...

Poda paithiyakaran

Vive Prabakaran = Vive Adolf Hitler
Vive Tamil Eelam = Vive Nazi Germany

Anonymous said...

The Sri Lankan goverment and sinhala peopele are the biggest state terroist!

3rd world people, stop begging aid from other goverments to fund your 3rd world army.

Suman alias Ghilli said...

dai singala thevudiya pasangala.. otha thooma unga amma koodhi poi othu kunga da oora otha thevudiya pasangala.... what do u knw about prabhakaran poi prabhakaran moothiratha vaangi kudi da badu.. unaku pesa dhan theriyum oru myrum pudunga theriyadhu... thooma thevudiya paiya... otha aambalaiya irundha en kita othaiku otha vaada... thevudiya paiyaaa

Anonymous said...

Suman nai,

Nee Sri Lankan ah? Poda!

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