Britain's Channel 4 contributing to the misery of Tamils in Sri Lanka?

Stewart Bell of the Canadian publication, the National Post is in Sri Lanka. He has been given the same access as Nick Paton Walsh of Channel4 (UK).

Why was Nick deported and Stewart Bell along with 37 other international journalist allowed to stay in in Sri Lanka?

Nick's tabloid style sensationalism of Tamil Tiger Propaganda understandably irked the Sri Lankans. His final piece which led to the deportation is being used over and over by the Tamil Tigers as a tool to block loans and much needed aid from getting to the displaced Tamils.

How long will it take for Channel4 to figure out that the only cameras inside the safe zones are operated by the Tamil Tigers' propaganda unit?

Now they claim to have spoken to a Doctor from the war zone. The source of the audio interview is the British Tamil Forum, an organisation which has long been connected to the Tigers.

Click here for Sri Lanka's response to previous claims of 'government doctors' talking to the international media from Tiger controlled territory.

How many innocent Tamils do you think paid the ultimate price for the Tigers' propaganda war?

The international media seems to think it is acceptable to allow sources from a pro terrorist organisation to make such claims because the Sri Lankan government does not allow independent media into a highly treacherous conflict zone.

Is it not feasible to think that every pro Tiger news story - claiming large scale deaths due to bombardment by the Sri Lankan Army - fuelled the killing of innocent Tamils?

The Tigers after all wanted to create the impression that Sri Lanka was killing its own so the international community would pressure Sri Lanka into ceasefire to free the cornered Tigers.

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DeeCee said...

bbc's source is TamilNet...a badly written piece of crap. Why am I not surprised...

Anonymous said...

Totally unacceptable.

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