Killers surrender to UK cops after hiding with Tamil Tigers

After bludgeoning another Tamil man in the head with hammers - in the UK - these Tamil murders fled to lawless Tamil Tiger controlled areas in Sri Lanka to hide from justice.

Scotland Yard and the Sri Lankan Police traced them deep in Tiger territory and apprehended them. I hope sodomy is practised in British prisons and these two serve as bitches for some fat smelly skinhead for the rest of their lives.
Both were found guilty by a jury yesterday (Tuesday) and were sentenced this-morning for the brutal murder of 26-year-old Sri Lankan refugee Maheswaran Kaneshan in his home at Heigham Road in East Ham on January 12, 2004.

Maheswaran, who had applied for political asylum because of the civil troubles in Sri Lanka, was the victim of mistaken identity caught up in a gang feud.

Six to eight thugs armed with hammers sticks and cricket bats battered him over the head, mistaking him for a member of a rival gang.

The former fisherman was an innocent man working as a cashier in petrol stations in East London and sending money back to his family.

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