Mahinda Rajapaksa woos Tamils

The Economic Times
Even in his speech to Parliament, Mr Rajapaksa reached out to the Tamil community by starting his address in Tamil and saying that the protection of the community was the responsibility of the government. At the same time Mr Rajapaksa also shot off a warning to the international community against exerting pressure.

“We must find a homegrown solution to this conflict. That solution should be acceptable to all the communities,” Mr Rajapaksa said, adding that “solution to the Tamil issue will be found, but not under international pressure”. Sources maintained that this was not aimed at India, which has been largely supportive of the Lankan government.

The Lankan president further said that the defeat of LTTE was a victory for the international community and invited Tamils, who fled the country during the conflict, to come back. Mr Rajapaksa, in his speech, also recalled the leaders who were assassinated by LTTE, including former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, former president Premadasa and former foreign minister Lakshman Kadirgamar. “Our intention was to save Tamil people from the cruel grip of LTTE. We all must now live as equals in this free country,” he said.

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Anonymous said...

What fucking equals does dis idiot talking about?

Narmadi said...

He is talking about equality which WILL be a reality if people like you learn to let go of your anger..

Anonymous said...

Not the 'equals' that prabhakaran talked about.

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