'Peaceful protests' now the weapon of choice for terrorist

Harriet Harman who is the leader of the Commons, is facing the wrath of pissed off citizens and politicians alike.

COMMONS Leader Harriet Harman was accused yesterday of failing to show leadership in tackling the five-week Tamil protest in Parliament Square. Shadow Leader of the House Alan Duncan accused Ms Harman of losing the initiative, while welcoming the attempts by others to drive the ­protesters away after five weeks of enormous ­disruption to central London.
- Daily Express

As Canadians are now discovering the right to protest can be abused by terror groups to bring disruption to any city in the world.

The Tamil Tigers took over a highway in Canada on Mother's day and put their kids on an expressway where vehicles travelled in excess of 100 KM/H. They used their kids and women as a human shield as they do in Sri Lanka.

Ambulances, emergency response teams, and thousands of residents were backed up bumper to bumper with no escape. Businesses lost thousands of dollars as well.

Our freedom is at threat. The freedom of speech and the right to protest will all now fall under the scrutiny of the government and it's legislation.

This is a deadly blow for all things democratic, fair and free!

Police tolerance of Tamil protests may lessen after highway storming
The protesters have taken to Toronto and Ottawa streets many times recently, at one point closing a crucial downtown Toronto street for three days. Their actions escalated Sunday night with an impromptu storming of the Gardiner Expressway.

"Our point was made," said Kumar Tham. "But if nothing happens tomorrow, we'll be back again, blocking here or somewhere else." - Globe and Mail

Conservatives raise spectre of terrorist group involvement in highway shut down - The Canadian Press Assc.
The spectre of a banned terrorist group having taken part in a protest that shut down a Toronto highway was raised by the Conservative government Monday as Tamil-Canadians defended their controversial demonstration and said more action would be taken.

While politicians at all levels heaped scorn on the community for the unlawful blockade, remarks by a senior cabinet minister that Tamil Tiger flags were displayed Sunday on the Gardiner Expressway were dismissed by protesters as an attempt to shift the focus from the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka.

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ramith said...

you maybe right but it's going to be a issue in those countries which LTTE supporters will disturb day today activities in the respective countries but not in Sri Lanka.
And probably those countries eventually be annoyed by these protest and take action against those people in future.

Anonymous said...

totally agree.. its not sri lankas problem anymore.. when the ltte is gone, these ltte supporters will become the problem of their host countries.. payback is a bitch LOL

Anonymous said...

Ha ha payback is indeed a bitch! Canada only acted in 2006, for over 10 years Canada turned a blind eye to Tails sending $300 million a year to buy weapons for the Tamil Tigers.

Essentially Canadian Liberals have blood on their hands because most of the money raised in Canada by the Canadian Tamils went into making suicide bombs.

Don Knight said...

Sri Lankan has been too nice to these folks - and they've not only taken advantage of Sinhalese kindness, but trampled their hands, that have for so long offered them only friendship. But, now that they've all been all exposed, expect indiferent treatment from now on. You reap what you sow. Now, live with that.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell Jeremy Page that the current offensive against the Tigers began in 2006, and the Chinese and the Japs have been helping Sri Lanka - a Buddhist sister nation - for eyars now.

IT has nothign to do with the Hambantota port. How funny he is just so engrossed in this he has convinced himself it's true!

Anonymous said...

This is the link:


Anonymous said...

I wonder what these tamils r gonna say when the go back. because the reality is that these tamils r protesting not to support tamils but to extend their refugee visas. unfortunate for them, as the war is over they gonna have to pack up and head back to Sri Lanka. what r they gonna say to the fellow tamils back at home?how can these tamils look at the face of tamils in SL coz these ppl r the ones who brought suffering upon tamils in SL!

Anonymous said...

They will fund another war or make sure Sri Lanka will be gripped with crimes, abuses and disappearances so they can further justify their claim as refugees in fear of persecution.

In a poor country like Sri Lanka a few hundred Canadian Tamil dollars can find you a hit man who will go on a killing spree.

The government must ensure security remains tight all aorund colombo for the next 12 months at least.

Thiru said...

I ask the international media to please STOP CALLING THESE PEOPLE TAMILS!! They may be Tamils only because all Tamil Tigers are Tamil and not because all Tamils are Tigers!

These people are members of the Tamil Tigers, not just Tamils.

Anonymous said...

Canada's Ryerson Tamil Student Association in Ryerson college Toronto is the base for home grown Tamil Tiger terrorism!


Bailaman said...

OTTAWA — The federal government has yet to even acknowledge his request for federal help in paying the cost of policing a two-week Tamil protest this spring, Ottawa Police Chief Vern White told the city’s police services board Monday.

White wrote a letter to federal officials at the end of April, making the case that the $900,000 cost of policing the large-scale demonstrations should not have to be shouldered entirely by the Ottawa force.


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