Photo: Proof that Prabhakaran is alive!

Yeah right! Check the two images below. Brilliant photoshop work, it must be said.

It's circulating amongst the Tamil community and parts of India.

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Anonymous said...

Another one busted Bailaman!

Narmadi said...

lol...this PERFECTLY coincides with the editorial of today's Island...I wanted to copy and paste some paragraphs which I thought were hilarious, but I just couldn't get the stuff to paste

Bailaman, if you happen to see this comment, have you disabled pasting or something?

Bailaman said...

Hi Narmadi,

No I haven't disabled anything. What happens when you try to paste?

Narmadi said...

Well I'm not tech savvy so please excuse the (embarrassingly) lay way in which I may say this :)lol
You know when you right click to paste and all you can usually see the "copy, paste, cut" in a dark colour right? and if they're not possible they're in a light colour and you can't click on them..and even if you do click nothing happens..well that's what happens!

Narmadi said...

ahh good..I can paste again! And here's part of the Editorial.Prabath Sahabandu writes some smashing stuff :)

Ironically, in trying to contradict the government, Tiger sympathisers are only insulting their dead leader. For, the implication of their claim is that Prabhakaran sacrificed the LTTE’s rank and file as well as his trusted lieutenants, left his own son Charles Anthony to his fate and ran for his dear life! This, he did, going by their argument, having bankrupted the LTTE. Do they think their leader was such a shameless coward to run away like that?

Poor Prabhakaran would spin in his grave, if he knew the kind of adverse publicity given to him posthumously by his followers! Tiger backers should ask themselves whether their dead leader deserve such affronts.

Strangely, no one was demanding that DNA tests be done on Prabhakaran or his identity established by some other method prior to the signing of vital agreements with him such as the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord and the CFA '02. Were they signed by a look-alike of Prabhakaran? The CFA at issue was signed purportedly by Prabhakaran ‘in camera’. Was it ever established that the person who signed those documents was Prabhakaran and no one else? It may also be that the IPKF was chasing the wrong man in the Vanni in the late 1980s, while Prabhakaran was relaxing elsewhere, maybe, say for argument's sake, in the refuge of Colombo as President Premadasa's guest. (The UNP and the LTTE were on a honeymoon at that time).

The same goes for bin Laden. The US-led forces may be in pursuit of that terrorist's double wreaking as they do havoc on Afghanistan unnecessarily, while the man they want is living in some other country.

So much for identifying terrorists!

Even after decades of Elvis Presley's death, it may be recalled, there were Elvis sightings reported from a number of American cities. Similarly, there may be Prabhakaran sightings. David Miliband might bump into the swashbuckling LTTE leader in the streets of London in the dead of night. Solheim is also likely to experience such sightings in Oslo.


Anonymous said...

You can fully see that the floor molding is not st8, t.v stand is not parallel to the wall. Bunch of B.S tamil people come up with. But i also thought this can't be true the fact that he died. But I we must wait and see.

Bailaman said...


Thanks for sharing that article by Prabath Sahabandu. He is spot on.

In Canada and Europe the Tamil protesters are having a 'mass funeral to mourn the thousands dead'.

All dressed in black carrying photos of Prabhakaran.

They are mourning his death in a mass funeral in public squares in democratic nations, claiming that they mourn for the death of thousands of innocent killed.

All of them have ignored the fact that the Tigers held people against their will as a human shield. They want to punish Sri Lanka, but they are blocking the fact that the Tigers put the innocent Tamils on the front-lines as cannon fodder.

Go to Sri Lanka said...

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Anonymous said...

Stupid Tamules

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... Stupid Tamules June 3, 2009 7:03 PM stupid asshole learn 2 spell

Anonymous said...

LOL i agree, at least the 'Tamules' can spell

Anonymous said...

ha ha new leader is also under arrest..ha ha ha buhahahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Srilankan Budest Mongs and the government head are notorious uncivilised community the leaders are animals they do not know what is god and they do not know nothing are murderous buddests are pagans and a part of devil worshippers tis is the reason thy killing innocent tamil women and childerns

saravana kandhan said...

Yes true.but they don't know anything about Buddhism.the true Buddhist never kill humanbeings in name of civil they are not Buddhist at all

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