Prabhakaran's death is justice served for many

As we hear of Tamil Tiger sympathisers moaning the death of Vellupillai Prabhakaran. There are those who feel justice was served.

Vellupillai Prabhakaran ordered his Black Tigers (Suicide bombers) to assassinate Tamil politicians who stood in Prabhakaran's way of being the supreme leader of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, and not for being 'traitors' as he wanted his followers to believe.

Prabhakaran killed his own Tamils for his personal gains and not for the cause of his people.

Aziz Haniffa

For years, I feared it was more than a distinct possibility, perhaps only a matter of time, given the utter ruthlessness and singleminded discipline and determination of the LTTE, which had made him their prime target.

Yet the assassination of Sri Lanka's Jaffna-born, Tamil Christian, Oxford-educated Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar has left me numb, because besides the personal tragedy, this very well could also sound the death knell for the floundering Norway-backed Sri Lankan peace process.

Prabhakaran's death: Justice done at last
CHENNAI: For sixty-two-year old KK Sulaiman, a Congress worker who survived the bomb blast that killed Rajiv Gandhi, it was justice after 18 long years.

Justice - for the physical and mental pain that he endured and for the tragic death of Rajiv and others on May 21, 1991. On the eve of the 18th death anniversary of the late Congress leader, Sulaiman said justice has been done with the killing of LTTE chief Prabhakaran. “One cannot except somebody to die a decent death who had been a dreaded killer all his life,” he said. Reminiscing for a moment about the scary May night of 1991, the Congress worker said the violent ways of Prabhakaran had trampled the hopes of a traumatised people besides punishing a friendly nation.

“India did everything possible for the cause of Sri Lankan Tamils and still Rajiv’s life was snuffed out by the LTTE.” Sulaiman, a long time Congress worker of Sriperumbudur was part of the reception team that organised the election meeting of Rajiv in the town.

He was about 10 feet away from the late leader when the human bomb Dhanu exploded herself.
The Sri Lankan government, however, has a lot of answering to do on their part as well. Prabhakaran's entire family has been killed. Caught in the crossfire or the end of the Prabhakaran family bloodline?

The Times of India
Reports said that Prabhakaran’s wife Mathivathani, daughter and younger son Balachandran were found shot dead on Wednesday.

Their bodies, having gunshot wounds in the head, were found a day after pictures of Prabhakaran’s body were released by the Sri Lankan authorities. The bodies were found in the Nandi Kadal lagoon area barely 600 metres from where the LTTE supremo’s body was recovered by the army. Balachandran was barely 13. Prabhakaran’s wife and daughter were not in Europe as believed but right there with the Tamil Tiger chief.

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Anonymous said...

Justice served for thousands!

Siva said...

Thank god the fat pig is dead

Anonymous said...

By taking the path of violence, rather than the path of justice, Prabhakaran earned the contempt of civilized people everywhere. His death should be celebrated, especially among Tamils, who were his biggest victims.

Anonymous said...

he was a great man....a real freedom fighter...after his death wat gosl did is only sinahalisation and rascism

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