Prabhakaran's DNA identified - Matched with Charles Anthony

The Sri Lankan military put an end to all speculation over Prabhakaran's death when it claimed to have successfully matched Prabhakaran's DNA with that of Charles Anthony (his son).

Sri Lanka's military said Thursday it has proved conclusively through DNA testing that Tamil Tiger chief Velupillai Prabhakaran was killed last week, after supporters refused to believe a government video showing the leader's dead body.

Military spokesman Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara said lab tests compared the DNA of the man they believed to be Prabhakaran with that of his son, who was also killed in the fighting, and proved that the body was the rebel leader's.
Press Trust of India
"Army medical experts have confirmed that DNA tests on Prabhakaran (54) and his son Charles Anthony (24) have matched," military spokesman Udaya Nanayakkara said.
Vellupillai Prabhakaran's death has caused a rift in what is left of the Tamil Tigers. The Tigers' overseas financiers, which include the Tamil diaspora living in Europe, Canada and Australia, have split into two groups.

The believers and the non believers.

Those who accept that Prabhakaran is dead, have aligned themselves with KP's stance. And those who deny his death appear to be aligned with the LTTE’s 'Department for Diaspora Affairs'(DDA).

No one knows yet who is behind the view that the Tiger supremo is still alive and well. KP was one of the few in direct contact with Prabhakaran via satellite phone. This DDA or the Dept. of Diaspora Affairs popped up overnight. Presumably as an alternative to Kumaran Pathmanathan, or Selvarasa Pathmanathan as he calls himself these days.

One thing is clear. Prabhakaran never predicted a future for the LTTE after him or his son Charles Anthony. He never thought he would be surrounded, ambushed and gunned down. His complacency is baffling, but considering that he always found himself surrounded by people who looked to his guidance for the group's survival, it seems as if he lived in a world of pretence.

When the army took Killinochi, he had to convince his following that the loss was not significant. He did the same when the Tigers lost the eastern province. The assurances given to him by his diaspora may have also lulled him into a false sense of security.

When the Sri Lankan Army entered Piramanthalkulama, Prabhakaran and his security were caught unaware. The manner in which they fled Prabhakaran's bunker, leaving all his personal possessions behind, is a clear sign of his complacency. [See video below]

The Dept. of Diaspora Affairs and KP have caused a split in the movement. Tamils who support the Tigers are now torn between war and peace. This is literally the two options presented to them.

KP in a statement to BBC admitted the Tiger leader was dead and the LTTE has chosen a peaceful path renouncing violence.

In an exclusive interview with the BBC Tamil Service, Mr Padmanathan said that after three decades of violent insurrection, the LTTE had given up violence and would "enter a democratic process" to achieve self-determination for Sri Lanka's Tamil minority.
However, the DDA (also called the 'Intelligence unit' by TamilNet and BBC) claims that the movement's leadership was safe and would "re-emerge when the right time comes".

It is clear that the Tigers are torn between peace or war. The latter has brought nothing but 30 years of misery and death. War has accomplished nothing for the Tigers or the Tamils.

The Sri Lankan government has made it's stance clear. It will not give the Tamil Tigers (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) any opportunity to represent anyone in Sri Lanka. The Tigers no longer have the option of even entering the democratic forum, in Sri Lanka. Not under the banner of the Tamil Tigers anyway.

Sri Lanka's defence secretary has rejected the Tamil Tigers' offer to enter a democratic process after their military defeat by government forces.

In an interview with the BBC, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said the LTTE rebels could not be trusted to give up "terrorism".
If this war has taught the Tigers anything, it has to be that going against the word of this current Sri Lankan administration is not a wise move. Whatever option the Tigers choose to adopt it has to now come to the gut wrenching conclusion that the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) are over. As the Tamil protesters in London and Toronto found out, any association with the name brings dire consequences.

Expect the Pro Tiger Tamils to form a different organisation to move away from the stigma associated with Tamil Tigers' name.

It is left to be seen if all roads lead to war or peace for the Pro Tiger Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora.

Meanwhile the speculations are rife over the fate of Prabhakaran's immediate family. The whereabouts of his 13 year old son, older daughter and wife are still shrouded in mystery.

Prabhakaran's parents have been found at the Menik Farm refugee camp in Vavuniya.

Press Trust of India
Slain Tiger supremo V Prabhakaran's wife and teenage son had fled last year to Tamil Nadu from where they were to fly to Singapore and then to an undisclosed location, a key aide of the rebel chief said amid speculation that the entire family had been wiped out in the conflict.

"When intelligence agents interrogated a close aide of Prabhakaran, he had said that, last year, Prabhakaran's wife (Mathivathani) and younger son (13-year-old) Balachandran had escaped by boat to Tamil Nadu, where they were to meet with an LTTE cadre who was to arrange for them to fly to Singapore, from there to an unknown destination," the 'Bottomline' newspaper reported.

The newspaper did not reveal the name of Prabhakaran's aide in its report while noting that there were rumours that the LTTE chief's wife, younger son and daughter Duwarka too had been killed during the final battles.

However, an officer from the battlefront said they had not recovered any bodies of children, it said.

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