'Silenced our guns' does not mean they were slaughtered

Another ploy of the Tamil Tigers to mislead the international community is becoming evident as news of their leader's demise comes to light.

Prior to setting their weapons on fire and triggering off explosions of their weapons dumps, the Tigers' spokesman Pathmanathan issued a statement on TamilNet claiming they were prepared to 'Silence their guns'. Pointing to a form of truce or surrender in order to create an impression to the world that if something was to happen to their senior leaders including Prabhakaran, there would be a backlash from the international community over the death of combatants who were supposedly unarmed and surrendering.

This is far from true if you listen to Pathmanathan's interview on the video below.

AT: And you spoke to him from this surrounded area, and he is ready to surrender?

SP: Not surrender. We are lay down the arms not surrender.

AT: Why not surrender?

SP: Actually its mainly a thing...about security...we take arms for freedom struggle - why surrender to them. We ready to work with them not surrender.

"We have not surrendered," Pathmanathan repeated. The Sri Lankan government offered the Tigers amnesty on previous occasions if the rebels laid down their weapons and offered an unconditional surrender. The most recent being the Sinhala and Tamil New year on the 14th of April 2009. The Tigers ignored the offer.

How can you lay down your arms, but not surrender? How safe are you in the middle of a war zone after your 'lay down your weapons'? Doesn't make any sense when you are considered the enemy.

All reports from Sri Lanka's Ministry of Defence points to the fact that Prabhakaran and the senior leaders were fleeing in armored vehicles and were armed. They had a significant number of armed cadres protecting them and suicide bombers clearing their way.

The war hasn't come to an end for the propaganda tool TamilNet, all though the LTTE is just a name now. The Tigers have no bases, no offices, no leaders left in Sri Lanka.

It is nothing but a name now.


[TamilNet, Monday, 18 May 2009, 07:25 GMT]

Monday early hours around 3:00 a.m. Vanni local time, the LTTE Political Chief B. Nadesan and LTTE Peace Secretariat Director S. Puleedevan telephoned their contacts in Europe and informed them to tell the ICRC Head Office that only around 1,000 wounded cadres, civil officials of the LTTE and civilians remained in the so-called safety zone and there was no firing from the LTTE side.

They urged the ICRC to evacuate the wounded. A few hours later, Colombo's Defence Ministry website claimed finding the dead bodies of Mr. Nadesan, Mr. Puleedevan, Mr. Ilango (Tamileelam Police Chief), and LTTE Leader V. Pirapaharan's son Mr. Charles Antony. The LTTE is yet to confirm, but initial reports indicate a determined massacre by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA).

MOD has a list of items recovered with the corpses of the Tiger leaders. They clearly had not laid down their arms. They were armed and had Rs. 10 Million ($84,876.988 USD) in their possession. The sheer volume of weapons recovered with the corpses indicates the number of cadres they had along with them, and the fact that they were fleeing to fight another day.


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tinker said...

fleeing to fight another day? you sure about that? they boasted about making a last stand..but then loads of cash,Passport,legal docs,in possession of Charles Anthony points towards a run for life not a last stand...
'to fight another day' is a dream..that can be sustained only by Tamilnet now, virtually that is...

thakshila said...

well maybe fight another day in the distant future or something... if they fled the scene.. of coz they won't stop.. they'll cause distress and bloodshed remotely even.. they would've NEVER let t any kinda peace in the country!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tamilnet must hate you Bailaman!

Anonymous said...

So the game has started as you explained above

Tamil Tiger leaders were shot 'while trying to surrender'

Anonymous said...


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