Sri Lanka Army casualty figures

6200 soldiers from Sri Lanka's Armed Forces have died since July 2006. An estimated 30,000 sustained injuries. This is according to a statement made to a state run TV station by Defence Secretary Gothabaya Rajapakse.

Washington Times
By comparison, in the six years and one month since the United States went to war in Iraq, nearly 4,600 U.S., British and other nations' troops have been killed.

Sri Lanka had only given its own casualty figures erratically if at all during the final 34-month phase of the war, dubbed Eelam War IV, and stopped giving them altogether last year.

The military had said several months ago it had killed at least 15,000 Tamil Tigers in the course of fighting but has not given a final tally.

Much of the fighting over the last year took place as troops crossed tall earthen dams and moats to break through into LTTE-held areas, across an area strewn with land mines, booby traps and Tiger fighters willing to commit suicide attacks.

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picodef said...

thats quite a number...@ least they came out with it..i never thought they would..

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Never thought it would be released. I hope they release photos and the rank so we can honour those who have passed.

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