Sri Lanka: Tamil Tiger leaders boxed in - Trapped civilians escape

The news from Sri Lanka is that all trapped civilians have managed to flee. They broke Tiger defences themselves as the Tamil Tigers - out manned and out gunned - were surrounded by the Sri Lankan army on all fronts.

"More than 50,000 people have come out of that area in the past three days and with that we have rescued all the civilians held as a human shield by the Tigers," military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said on Sunday.
News sources are still quoting the Red Cross comment from three days ago. Anyone with insight into the conflict knows that the situation there changes by the hour.

That's not to insinuate that things are rosy and peaceful? It is to point out that the Sri Lankan armed forces' actions in the last 2 days have not caused the 'unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe'. The comment was made by the International Committee of the Red Cross because it's ferry carrying aid could not get into the conflict zone.

The Red Cross has warned of "an unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe" for the hundreds of wounded trapped without treatment.
The civilians are no longer trapped without aid or treatment, and they are now in the government controlled areas away from the fighting. Surely the 'unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe' has now been averted because they can receive food aid and medical treatment.

Despite putting things into perspective, the international media hasn't fully caught up with sequence of events.

Crisis averted in Sri Lanka, now time to get that aid and money in! Enough of the talking let's start helping our fellow Tamils for a change.

Members of the Tamil Tigers, many posing as peace activist involved in peaceful protest, have turned violent. Buddhist Temples have been attacked around the world and clashes with police have also taken place overnight.

The Tigers in New Zealand want a boycott of Sri Lankan products, despite the fact that it may cause untold suffering to their fellow Tamils in Sri Lanka. It would be criminal to tag these people as the 'Tamil community in New Zealand'. They are what they are - members of the Tamil Tigers.

Sanctions and boycotts don't affect the decision makers, just the average man.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Defence states that the remaining Tiger leaders are boxed into a '400m x 600m land stretch in the Vellaimullaivaikkal area.'

The success of the Sri Lankan government's mission is evident when they claim to have rescued their own POWs who were held captive by the Tigers. These men were thought to have been killed. The Tigers are not known to hold on to Prisoners of War; they execute them. It could be that on this occasion it seems that they held on to these servicemen in hopes of bartering an exchange for their leaders.

Photo credits:
Ian Willms for National Post.

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