Sri Lanka's Muslims celebrate the end of the Tamil Tigers

Not only the Sinhalese, but also Muslims, Tamils and all peace loving Sri Lankans, who faced the wrath of the LTTE (Tigers) over the last 30 years, are celebrating the end of hostilities.

Guardian (UK)
Fazim Raufdeen was not even born when the war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam started, but the 23-year-old Muslim was outside his office, in shirt and tie, brandishing a large national flag above his head.

"This has come from inside, from our hearts," he said. "As a Sri Lankan, we never thought we would win this war, no one thought this war would one day be finished. But today, as a Muslim and as a Sri Lankan, I am really proud to say that we are now one nation together."

Raufdeen had good reason to celebrate: last year, he said, eight of his former schoolmates from DS Senanayake college were killed by an LTTE bomb at the Fort railway station. He went to the hospital to see the bodies.

"This was a good war," he said. "This is the first country that totally took on the terrorists. It is an example to the world."

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rashantha de silva said...

Deepest respect for the Boys from D.S. and to all the others that were killed during this ruthless war. Let's hope Sri Lanka never sees this again.

Rashantha De Silva.

Narmadi said...

Those poor boys... :(
One of my schoolmates from Girls' High School, Kandy was brutally killed directly by the LTTE because she had first joined it and then tried to leave. Thank Goodness that dark force is not hanging around our country any more!!
I am also 23 and I cannot express in words how happy I am to be finally (for the first time in my life!) be living in a free country!

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