Tamil Nadu votes Tigers out

There was much hype in India about the Sri Lankan conflict ahead of their Lok Sabha elections.

India's Tamil dominated state, Tamil Nadu was thought to support and sympathise unconditionally with the Tigers in Sri Lanka and their cause. Tamil Nadu politicians played to the tune of the Tigers on almost a daily basis months ahead of the polls.

Even the BBC got pretty excited by the support the Tigers were shown by Indian Tamils. Or so they thought.

Pro-LTTE parties routed in Tamil Nadu
In a dramatic coincidence, Tamil Nadu's political parties sympathetic to the Tamil Tigers were routed in the Lok Sabha elections Saturday as the Sri Lankan military dealt a crippling blow to the rebels, taking control of their last coastal belt.

As the Sri Lankan army announced "the total liberation of the island's coastline from three decades of terror", vote count in Puducherry and Tamil Nadu showed that all seven candidates of the PMK and three of the four MDMK candidates had lost.

The losers included MDMK's passionately pro-Tiger chief Vaiko, who in 1989 made a dramatic secret trip to Sri Lanka's north to meet Tamil Tiger chief Velupillai Prabhakaran.

The saving grace for politicians supporting the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was the victory of Thol Thirumavalavan, leader of VCK, the small party that fielded two candidates in alliance with the ruling DMK.

The VCK, MDMK and PMK are the most vocal pro-LTTE forces in Tamil Nadu's mainstream politics and were at the forefront of street protests in recent weeks, denouncing both Colombo and New Delhi for the deaths and the suffering of civilians in Sri Lanka's onslaught against the Tamil Tigers.

Worse, the AIADMK of former chief minister J. Jayalalithaa, who had surprised everyone by threatening to send the Indian Army to Sri Lanka if her alliance won most of Tamil Nadu's 39 parliamentary seats, suffered a stunning blow winning only nine seats.
This is a crushing blow to the Tamil Tigers in India. It shows what support they portrayed on the streets of Tamil Nadu didn't necessarily reflect reality. Obviously the politicians who were feeding the Eelam flame in order to win a few votes have been dealt a devastating blow.

Indians have spoken. Say no to terrorism.

"Vaiko, who warned that "rivers of blood" would flow in Tamil Nadu if LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran got injured in Sri Lanka, was defeated by over 50,000 votes from Virudnagar constituency."

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