Tamil Tiger leader Prabhakaran is dead

Imagine hearing the announcement that Osama Bin laden is dead? To some Osama is a freedom fighter, but to those who have suffered his wrath, he is nothing but a terrorist who kills indiscriminately, hiding behind the genuine grievances of the common man.

Sri Lankan Tamils sympathetic to the Tigers' cause and those who turned a blind eye to terrorism - over the feeble excuse - that the 'Sinhala state kills Tamils', are not over joyed. This is a day of mourning for them.

When a Tiger suicide bomber killed an entire High School Baseball team on the 3rd of February 2008, the Pro Tiger Tamils celebrated the deaths, they were told the attacks at the railway station was in retaliation to attacks or bombings conducted by the Sri Lankan Army in their territory. How many Tamils researched the claim by the Tigers? None.

They swallowed everything that their Tamil news stations and websites threw at them. Not once questioning the right from wrong.

Did the Tamil Tigers, the professed 'protectors of Tamils', mourn the death of Rajaratnam Ratheeswaran? He was a Tamil student, a member of the Baseball team from the Buddhist boys school (D.S Senanayake College) which lost it's entire Baseball team thanks to Vellupillai Prabhakaran.

D.S. Senanayake College
The entire nation was in a state of shock on the 3rd of February 2008 when a powerful suicide bomb attack was carried out by the ruthless and senseless LTTE terrorist at the Colombo fort railway station.

The victims – innocent civilians, among them members of the D. S. Senanayake College baseball team and their coach also an old boy of the college. Ever since this massacre took place, life has never been the same for all connected and associated with D. S. Senanayake College.

The players and their coach were returning from a club match in kandy when this unfortunate incident occurred. The baseball coach Mr. malinda arumadura was a distinguished old boy of our college and the seven baseball players were dinuth priyashanka, vimukthi thevapperuma, supun hallala, rajaratnam ratheeswaran, kolitha kumara, eranda chathuranga and thiwanka tissera. The boys were part of a great baseball team which they represented with tremendous pride.

In the last 27 years so many have perished for a Tamil homeland. Tigers fought a brutal war based on alleged discrimination in a country where Muttiah Muralitharan - Tamil - is considered a national hero.

To say successive Sinhala dominated governments discriminated against the Tamils and oppressed them for 60 years, is to portray total ignorance.

Sri Lanka is 75% Sinhalese, meaning 2/3 of the people are Sinhala. Would you expect the government to be dominated by anyone else than the majority? In Canada or Australia their government is dominated by Caucasians (white.)

To justify the deaths of Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims for 30 years over language laws or the alleged discrimination in jobs and schooling, is primitive. It is not something any Tamil should be boastful of.

For someone who grew up with war, as I have, and for someone who had to say good bye prematurely to school mates, who died needlessly to suicide bombs on their way to school, today brings a sense of both the bitter and the sweet.

"I fought with them not to take him away." an all too familiar statement from a mother who has lost a son or daughter recruited by the Tigers as child soldiers. Innocent children were forcibly recruited by the Tamil Tigers, even during the ceasefire agreement.

For people who lost their loved ones and for those who want peace, this is a new day.

Prabhakaran is no more.

Those who supported the Tigers and those who call him their 'national leader' know somewhere deep inside that Prabhakaran cared not for peace. He squandered the Geneva peace talks with his arrogance and put himself before any other Tamil.

From the peace talks as the sole representative of the Tamils to his death after months of hiding. A dramatic demise of a Liberation movement once considered invincible.

During the ceasefire the Tamil Tigers used the lull in security to carry out assassinations all over the island. The hit list: Tamil politicians who stood as a threat to their self professed stance as the sole representative of Tamils, Military personnel, including attempts at assassinating the army commander and the Defence Secretary, and any Tamils who publicly opposed the tigers actions.

The assassination of Lakshman Kadirgarmar - an ethnic Tamil who served as Sri Lanka's Foreign Affairs Minister - was the first nail in Prabhakaran's coffin. The Tigers carried out the assassination during a time when Sri Lanka had placed faith in it's organisation to honour it's ceasefire pledge. It was clear the ceasefire or peace meant nothing to Prabhakaran.

Jonathan Kay - National Post (Canada)

Tiruchelvam was a Sri Lankan Tamil, but not the kind that makes excuses for terrorism, or for the nihilistic death cult led by Tigers chief Velupillai Pirapaharan. Instead, he sought to bring justice and self-determination for Sri Lanka's Tamil minority through negotiation and constitutional reform. In Sri Lanka, he was an elected parliamentarian and the founder of two major think tanks. In the United States, he taught at Harvard University, enlightening Western students about human-rights abuses committed in Sri Lanka - by the nation's military and the Tigers alike.

He was a moderate, in other words - the Tamils' answer to Yitzhak Rabin or Nelson Mandela. And that's why he was assassinated: The Tigers despise any Tamil who does not share their commitment to war and terrorism. Tiger propaganda - including the terrorist group's own "poet laureate" - spent years vilifying Tiruchelvam as a traitor prior to his assassination. Muzhakkam, a Tiger-controlled newspaper here in Canada joined in the campaign.

The act serves as a grim metaphor for the war itself. Much as many Tamil-Canadians claim that the Sri Lankan government is engineering a "genocide," the greatest threat to the country's Tamils has been their professed protectors.

Why is it so significant?

The Tamil Tigers always carried the aura of invincibility as long as his shadowy figure lurked. He had the ability to influence average people like you and me to commit heinous crimes against humanity.

His warped and uneducated mind could justify large scale death and destruction under the claim of 'for my people' and his people gladly followed for several years.

Everyone feared the wrath of Prabhakaran. Kill or be killed and the law of the gun was the LTTE's driving force.

No Tamil should consider the above as a remedy for discrimination. They do not realise they themselves have been oppressed by the Tigers far more than any 'Sinhalese dominated government' has ever discriminated against them.

In 1983, during the riots against the Tamil minority by Sinhalese mobs, it was the community that came to the aid of Tamils. A little known fact is that the Sinhalese and Muslims sheltered their Tamil neighbours and friends avoiding a large scale bloodbath. Sri Lanka's Tamil population exceeded the one million mark but reports point to 1000 deaths. Fact and figures from the 1983 riots remain skewed, there was no proper independent documentation of the events that unfolded. It is hard to pin point the numbers but when compared to the total population of Tamils at the time, it is evident that the casualties of 1983 communal riots was a fraction of the Tamil population.

My intentions are not to play down the unacceptable but to highlight that the justifications for war were borne and instigated by the actions of none other than Prabhakaran himself. Tensions were rising between the ethnic groups as word spread of a 'Tamil rebellion' killing Sinhalese in the Northern districts. Misguided youth were influenced by politicians to revolt against all Tamils. It was just as Prabhakaran had intended.

No matter what side of the fence you sit on. Regardless of whether the 18th of May is a day of mourning or a day of untold happiness, I urge you all to never allow anyone to take Sri Lanka back into a path of war. Too many lives have been lost. There are no shells to fire and no Tamils or Sinhalese dying if there is no war. Any and all grievances can be addressed in a civil manner.

Although the Sri Lankan government does not have a noteworthy reputation, the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka has stood stead fast to protect the innocent and ensure justice is served.

When Gothabaya Rajapakse wanted to break up Tamil Tiger sleeper cells within the Greater Colombo Area, he chose to round up Tamil youth who had no clear business in the capital. It was the Supreme Court and the Sinhalese who put an end to it. Have faith in the justice system.

As the news of Prabhakaran's death broke out it had an immediate impact on Sri Lanka's economy.


Sri Lankan shares have surged by the largest amount in four months after the government claimed victory in its civil war against the Tamil Tigers.

The benchmark Colombo All-Share Index jumped by 5.7% to 2,106.25, its biggest gain since January.

The country's rupee rose 2.3% to a one-month high of 115 against the dollar.
I urge Tamils around the world to put an end to the hate today, the 18th of May 2009.

Don't open the doors of suffering for your people again. Let war be a thing of the past for all people of Sri Lanka.

You have nothing to lose. The Tamil Tigers are no more, instead of funding and instigating another war, take a back seat. Maybe Rajapakse will honour his word and the Tamils will govern their own territories. Take a cue from the Eastern Province.

Stop reading Tamilnet. It is not a source of information, merely a tool to spread more hate to keep the Tamil Tiger organisation alive.

How did Prabhakaran die?

Nationa Post (Canada)

Early Monday, Sri Lankan troops surrounded the Tamil Tigers leader and his deputies in an area the size of a soccer field. The top rebels fell one by one: Bhanu, Nadesan, Ramesh, Jeyan and Charles Anthony.

The Army Commander, Sarath Fonseka, whom the rebels had attempted to assassinate in 2006 with a bomb hidden in a three-wheel taxi, watched images of the operation on a screen in Colombo.

When an ambulance suddenly tried to break the military cordon, a soldier unleashed a rocket-propelled grenade. Inside the vehicle, troops found three bodies, including that of a chubby man with a moustache.

Prabhakaran was dead.

CTV (Canada)

Senior military officials said Prabhakaran and his top lieutenants were in an armour-plated van, which they drove alongside a bus filled with rebel fighters, when they encountered Sri Lankan soldiers.

The confrontation led to a two-hour firefight, the officials said, which soldiers ended by firing a rocket at the van.

Soldiers pulled Prabhakaran's body from the van, as well as those of Soosai, the head of the rebels' naval wing, and Pottu Amman, the rebels' intelligence head.

Sri Lanka's Ministry of Defence has also confirmed the following deaths of senior Tiger leaders.

Pottu Amman- LTTE's Intelligence Wing Leader
Bhanu - LTTE military leader
Jeyam- LTTE military leader
B.Nadesan- LTTE political head
S.Pulidevan- Head of LTTE's Peace Secretariat
Ramesh- LTTE special military leader
Ilango- LTTE police chief
Charles Anthony- the eldest son of LTTE chief V. Prabhakaran
Sudharman - aide to LTTE leader's son
Thomas- senior intelligence leader an
Luxman - LTTE military leader
Sri Ram- senior sea tiger cadre
Iseiaravi - LTTE female military leader
Kapil Amman - LTTE deputy intelligence leader
Ajanthi- female LTTE training in charge
Wardha - LTTE mortar in charge
Pudiyawan- Secretary to LTTE leader
Jenarthan - Special military leader

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MIA's entrie Twitter page is Tamil Tiger propoganda. Will she not grow up? Is she not a responsible musician?

Does she not realise all of what she says is subject to scrutiny and eventually on she will look like a big fool. War crims tribunals will find the Tigers guilty of war crimes. Her charge of Genocide was ridiculed by the UN. The US knows there is no genocide because the The US embassy has active presence on the ground. 37 journalist are giving access to the front lines, even on a guided tour the scars of genocide cannot be hidden.

Jeganathan said...

When the UN investigates Human Rights abuses and War Crimes. Prabhakaran's crimes will become clear to the world and Rajapakse's good work will become evident. I dont like Rajapakse but he didnt kill tamils. He went after ltte

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