Tamil Tiger leaders son Charles Anthony is dead

Charles Anthony, Nadesan - chief of the Tigers' political wing and several other senior Tiger leaders are now confirmed dead.
The Sri Lanka Ministry of Defence website reported finding their corpses moments ago.
There is no mention of how they died.

LTTE terrorists abandon their chief's son; body found [Updated]
Sri Lanka Army special forces soldiers have found a body suspected to be of Charles Anthony, the elder son of LTTE chief V. Prabhakaran in the Karayamullavaikkal area this morning (May 18).

According to the defence sources in the battlefront, the body was found after an unsuccessful and half-hearted attempt by the LTTE cadres to evacuate their leader's son early this morning.

Three top LTTE leaders killed: Bodies found abandoned [Updated]
Sri Lankan Special Forces soldiers have found bodies of three key LTTE leaders identified as Nadeshan, Pulidevan and Ramesh during the mop operations in the last LTTE foothold this morning( May 18). According to the latest information, the remaining LTTE cadres are now boxed into a 100m x 100m area, North of Vellamullivaikkal.

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Anonymous said...

Rajapakse gave them 3 chances to surrender. They must have thought he is a fool. And they thought he will bend back wards to England and US pressure.

Anonymous said...

Well done!! Waiting for fat man next. I bet you he is a coward he wont die.

Anonymous said...

Fat Man is already dead... the body is in Colombo

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