Tamil Tiger propaganda will put the Nazis and Goebbels to shame

I almost choked on my Doobie when I read this. Note the satellite image on the Times online story? See this.

When will anybody outside of Sri Lanka realise that they are falling prey to hoax after hoax?

Every story they publish quoting a Tamil Tiger source, the more civilians the Tigers will kill to garner international sympathy.

I think news publications and Human Rights Watch are playing into the hands of the Tigers and causing a 'Bloodbath'.

The Times

At least 50 more people were reported to have died yesterday when a hospital was shelled for the second successive day in Sri Lanka’s war zone.

The deaths came as the Army continued to hunt down a dwindling hard core of Tamil Tiger rebels in a tiny but densely populated strip of land, medical staff said.

T. Varatharajah said that the incident followed the deaths of 47 patients and bystanders at the makeshift Mullivaikkal hospital the day before. Both sides in the conflict have been fiercely condemned for allowing what the UN has branded a bloodbath.

The morons at the Times, the UN and other organisations who care so deeply for Sri Lanka are fuelling the fire.

Who is T. Varatharajah? Did anyone verify if it is indeed him that's making these claims?

Tamilnet forges letterhead of Regional Director of Health Services in Mulativu

On the 3rd of March 2009, Tamilnet published a letter by Dr.T. Vartharajah, the Regional Director of Health Services in Mulativu allegedly sent by fax to the GA of the district. The news itme said that the Heath Director has by that letter acknowledged the reception of 13 dead bodies of internally displaced individuals who have died of startvation (see letter 1).

It was, however, intersing to see the Sinhala translation on the letterhead. It reads in Sinhalese as "oyaage ankaya", which should ideally be written as "obe ankaya". This mistake obviously point to the fact that the letterhead of the RHDS has been manually altered by the creators of the Tamilnet without proper knowledge as to the correct use of Sinhalese in letterheads.

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