Tamil Tigers finally admit Prabhakaran is dead

Despite previously denying the death of their leader the Tamil Tigers have finally admitted their leader is no more. This is according to Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have confirmed their leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, has been killed.

"We announce today, with inexpressible sadness and heavy hearts that our incomparable leader and supreme commander ... attained martyrdom fighting the military oppression," Selvarasa Pathmanathan, the LTTE's head of international relations, said in a statement on Sunday.

The Tigers said Prabhakaran had been killed on Tuesday during fighting between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan military and declared a week of mourning.

TamilNet, the Tigers' official mouth piece, however, has made no mention of it yet.

DBS Jeyaraj the popular Tamil blogger claimed the denial of Prabhakaran's death caused a rift in what's left of the movement.


There seems to be division among LTTE and pro-LTTE ranks overseas about how to respond to the leader’s death. One faction wants to acknowledge it , pay homage to Prabhakaran and proceed from there.

The others want to deny it and perpetuate the myth that the LTTE leader is alive. Elaborate efforts are on to circulate doctored images of Prabhakaran and also audio cassettes. The idea is to project an impression that Prabhakaran is safe in the north-eastern jungles leading a guerilla campaign with the participation of remaining cadres.

It remains to be seen as to how this charade will be played out in the future. At the heart of this diaspora dilemma is the fact that fund-raising will dwindle if the people realize that Prabhakaran is dead. Also there are many money-making concerns run by “front” persons on behalf of the enemy. Let us also remember that the “Mafia” had its roots in the freedom movement of Sicily.

Furthermore there is also the “cold war” going on between LTTE factions. The overseas branch officials are the loyalists of Castro who was in charge of Overseas administration. They resent the appointment of Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias KP as the new global tiger chief.

In addition the intelligence chief Pottu Amman has also established his own network of operatives and spies. At present the Castro and Pottu factions are ganging up to dislodge and undermine KP whose “strength” was his closeness to Prabhakaran.

While these sinister games are on the departed LTTE leader is being denied his due after death.

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Alive or dead there is a good chance the LTTE or any other armed insurgency will never be allowed to take Sri Lanka back into full scale war.

There will never be another JR Jayawardena, who watched as anti Tamil riots took place under his very nose. There wont be another Premadasa to arm an insurgency.

The effects of 30 years of war has left everyone, even the combatants weary.

A military which now is capable of handling any situation -with 100% of the island in it's control- will be hard to challenge.

Even if there are 1000 LTTE cadres hiding in jungles, it's only a matter of time they will be snuffed out.

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