Tamil Tigers trigger large explosion in Sri Lanka's Safety Zone

Saman Kumara Ramawickrema, a journalist from Sri Lanka's state run TV station has been on the front lines for months now. While filming his daily report for the local news station he reported that a large explosion was heard in the distance - inside the Tiger controlled part of the No Fire Zone.

"The explosion could be an ammunition dump that was hit. Thick smoke is evident form the area of the explosion for hours now. Smaller explosion were also heard" he added.

The video below is from the Sinhalese language news. It highlights the recent capture of the vessel Farah 3. The Jordanian vessel was ambushed by the Tigers' naval wing 2 years ago. The crew sent out an international SOS/distress signal announcing the act of piracy by the Tigers. The Tigers have since releases the crew but the vessel was stripped to the bone by the Tamil Tigers and it was used as a bunker where Tiger snipers operated.

The fact that the military is this close to the Farah 3 is a sign that the Tigers are loosing access to a much needed coastal strip which it's leaders hoped to flee from.

The smoke billowing in the background is from the reported explosion. Before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, no shells were fired! There are plenty of witnesses to testify to that fact including a civilian camera crew.

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