Tamils attack more Sinhalese establishments in England

The violence continues. The attacks in Canada and Australia are not isolated incidents. Tamils sympathetic to the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) continue to take out their anger on the innocent.

Sam Chandrasinghe, owner of Sam's Chicken Shop - a popular restaurant chain - says his staff live in fear after masked men hurled bricks into his front windows.

Harrow Times (UK)
“My staff are really scared, especially at night time for the girls.

“Some people, all wearing masks, have come to break the glass and then run away very quickly.

“At the moment we haven't closed the shops, but we are being targeted because of our nationality.”

Mr Chandrasinghe is Sinhalese by birth, and he believes members of the Tamil community are attacking his businesses because of the civil war in Sri Lanka.

He said: “It is happening because we are Sinhalese and they say because we are doing business in the UK, that we are supporting the Sri Lankan government.

“I believe it is Tamil people who are doing this.”

The attacks on the chicken shops comes after a Sinhalese Buddhist temple in Kingsbury was vandalised twice in what police are calling “faith hate crimes”.
The culture of violence amongst Tamil youth is appalling. Watch the video below.

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DeeCee said...

whoa! 40 gangs in london alone?!

Dee said...

Whoa... 40 gangs in london alone?!

Jack Point said...

this is terrible.

Anonymous said...

Good eye opener for Police worldwide.

Mr Monk said...

Atleast these gangs are not associated to the MPs like in Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

With poverty comes corruption.

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