Tamils attack Sri Lankan Buddhist monk in Britain

More Tamil violence against the Sinhalese reported from the UK. This time an attack on a Buddhist monk.

Harrow Times (UK)
A SERIES of attacks on a Buddhist temple in Kingsbury could be motivated by religious hatred, say police.

Officers are linking two attacks in the space of five days on the Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Temple, when windows were smashed and a monk attacked.

In the early hours of Sunday, a man wielding a copper pipe tried to hit the monk over the head, while a second man hurled a brick through one of the temple's windows. The monk was uninjured.

The two men ran away from the temple, in Kingsbury Road, towards Slough Lane, at around 2.30am, but returned less than 45 minutes later and smashed a second window.

In the early hours of Wednesday, May 13, a gang of five men attacked the temple smashing six windows and causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

A spokesman for Brent Police said the attacks were linked and were being treated as “faith hate crimes”.

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Anonymous said...

We all have to be patient. These ass holes will do anything to provoke ethnic hatred in Sri Lanka.

Narmadi said...

Very true. I only hope that the people of Sri Lanka will not fall into that "provocation trap" once again, like in 1983. Somehow after 30 years of indiscriminate suffering, I think our people have emerged better for it :)

Dee said...

wow....why is there so much violence? :(

Anonymous said...

Today I read on another comment on this blog, A Tamil was asking Bailaman why he is talking about Tamil crimes...

They dont realise that only they are behaving like this? 1983 was a long time ago, and those riots were instigated and carried out by a few thugs. That doesn't mean sinhalese are as violent or hate them? Tamils are pretty clueless...if you read all the news reports, in July 2009 alone 20 Tamils worldwide have been arrested for violent crimes.

Anonymous said...

i extreamily hate buddesim they are cult worships and is a pagonism

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