Tamils in Canada turn violent - Buddhist Temple set on fire

Sri Lanka is a predominantly Buddhist country and 75% of it's Sinhalese population practices Buddhism. A spade of attacks on Buddhist temples of Sri Lankan origin have taken place across Europe, Canada, and Australia as the Tamil Tigers face defeat.

Scarborough Ontario is home to a large population of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees. A percentage from this group of Tamils include former Tamil Tigers cadres, leaders and family members of 'Martyrs'. So it's no surprise that the Tamil Tigers have turned to violence and mob attacks on the Sinhalese in Canada.

When the Canadians turned a blind eye to road blocks and showed sympathy to people protesting in support of a banned terrorist group, it sent the wrong message. It gave them the confidence that Canada is somewhat tolerant of their extremist agenda. That allowed them to spread hate and Tamil Tiger propaganda legally through Ontario's Tamil TV stations and Tamil Radio.

The only people with access to a camera inside Tiger controlled areas were the Tigers themselves. Canada's Tamil Vision International available through Bell, Rogers Cable and other Canadian satellite and cable TV providers promoted Tiger propaganda videos claiming thousands of civilian deaths by the 'Sinhala Army'. The Sri Lankan armed forces although majority sinhalese, recruits youth from all ethnic groups.

Scarborough fire related to Sri Lankan conflict, monk says

A Buddhist monk believes an early morning fire at a temple in Scarborough is related to the ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka.

Police and the Ontario Fire Marshal's Office are investigating after the Sri Lankan Buddhist temple's east emergency entrance was found burning around 4:30 a.m.

Three monks were in the building, located on Kingston Rd. just south of Military Trail Rd., and escaped uninjured to a smaller building beside the temple after calling police.

Nalaka, a resident monk, said he believes the incident is connected to the war in Sri Lanka. He also said the monks have received threats in the last week.

A former resident, who goes to the temple, said the incident has caused upset in the Sinhalese community.

"Every single Sinhalese person in Toronto is calling each other right now. It's very alarming," said the resident who did not want to be named.
It is widely accepted amongst Sri Lankans living in Canada that Tamil student groups in Colleges and Universities across Canada have been preaching hate against the Sinhalese for years now.

They influence the young impressionable Tamil minds and torment those who left Sri Lanka to flee their extremist agenda.

Temple in Kingsbury attacked again
A BUDDHIST temple in Kingsbury has been attacked again after vandals hurled bricks through the front windows.

A gang of men smashed six windows at the Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Temple, causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage in the latest in a string of attacks.

Monks in the Kingsbury Road Five saw five men in their twenties repeatedly hurling bricks from the pavement at around 3.15am on Wednesday.

The men then fled the scene in a black sports car after one of the monks triggered an alarm linked directly to Brent Police.

The temple has now been attacked at least eight times in the last two years.

In January, a petrol bomb was left on the temple's driveway searing the front wall and causing considerable damage to the windows.

In September last year, yobs smashed windows and attacked the temple's vehicles parked outside, and in another incident, the Sri Lankan flag which flies outside was set on fire.

Buddhist leaders have told the Harrow Times they believe the attacks are related to the current civil war in Sri Lanka.

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Serendib_Isle said...

True colours of the pro-LTTE Tamils beginning to show. Just like they did at Sri Maha Bodhi, Dimbulagala, Temple of the Tooth, Aranthalawa and many other places of worship - including the many Muslim mosques, they have taken violence where it doesn’t belong.

These barbarians know no respect, how could one call them “civil” or “human” I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Canadian Tamils also attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team bus long before the Paksitani attack took place. When Sri Lanka was here for the T20 tournament in 2008 they pelted the bus with stones and protested holding signs of abuse to the players.

For what they did to Sri Lanka in the last 30 years, the Canadians must punish them severely.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you sinkala pigs we will kill you all Tamil Tigers forver!

Anonymous said...

You know your name is anonymous but you can still be traced back through your IP.

Anonymous said...

Oki i understand that each side as opinions and we should respect it
but why cant we sinhalese people get together to protect our people like the tamil people whcuz we are too scared
our army has sacrifised their life and dedicated it to Sri Lanka the canadian government is too busy to worry baout a war happenign for more than 26 years everyone is in a recession it is up to us as sinhalese people to give our opinion as well why are we scared why cant we get together how hard is it to ditch work one day or ditch school for a day that is what tamil people are doing . THey have so much pride in them but we dont. Canadians only hear their opinion what about ours! what about the lives the army had given up becuase of us its up to us to share their voice with the world but not like tamils in a peaceful way not disturbing canadians. The war is over there yet they are starting a war here nobody understands that
its our country a beautiful country foreshadowed by war so its up to us to clear it but we cant do that if we stay hidden becuase of tamils

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