Three questions that would completely stump MIA

MIA (a.k.a. Maya Arulpragasam) must be under incredible pressure these days. With the Tamil Tigers facing an embarrassing military defeat one expects Maya's mum's phone to be ringing off the hook.

Anyone who has any connection to MIA or her family is probably being coerced into convincing her to speak out for the 'Tamil cause'. And she has spoken indeed. Once on PBS where she pulled the 'Genocide Card' and the other more recently.

The genocide ploy was an epic fail the world knew better than to belittle the word 'Genocide'.

In her most recent plea to bail out the ruthless terror group, she claims she is for the people.


"It's a humanitarian situation," she told MTV News. "It's not about, 'Do you support the government, or do you support the Tigers?' which I think everyone is making this whole thing into, and has made it into for the past 30 years."

"America has stepped up and requested the ceasefire, so it's gonna be interesting to see what happens now," she said. "That's what we've got to see happen in the future — that those people are getting looked after and that those people are getting heard. When I speak about these things, it's for those people in the middle. And it's not for anyone else. I just want to be really clear about that."
O.K. Let's pose these three simple questions to MIA and see if we can obtain a straight forward answer.

  • Do you condemn the Tamil Tigers' use of child soldiers?
  • Do you condemn the Tamil Tigers who are holding civilians as a human shield?
  • Do you consider the Tamil Tigers to be Freedom Fighters or Terrorist?
Simple as these questions maybe, it will no doubt be the hardest questions she has ever faced.

If she condemns the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) she will face the wrath of the international Tamil community who makes excuses for terrorism for the creation of a Tamil only homeland in the north and east of Sri Lanka.

If she doesn't condemn the actions of the Tigers, or avoids these questions her record label and future gigs maybe at jeopardy. Her fans will denounce MIA for her open support of an extremist group and their ideals.

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Anonymous said...

She is 100% Tiger. They know how to kiss ass in the west and destroy their beautiful motherland.

Thailand said...

One must start to teach brainwashed MIA and teach her who are LTTE and the right vested to any Government to defeat Terrorists militarily.
We are proud of her on her musical achievements being a Sri Lankan,I am sure she will candidly accept the unprecedented defeat of LTTE and she will soon fall in line with the One and only Government of Sri Lanka

Anonymous said...

bailman u da man. How about u and I show MIA some bitness?

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