Times 'investigation' reveals 'slaughter' in Sri Lanka?

In order to grasp what's going on, read this post first.

The Times carried serious allegations against Sri Lanka and posted satellite images to substantiate it's claims.

The Times also posted this article, advising people against travel to Sri Lanka or the purchase of Sri Lankan products in the international market. Note the name of the author, Jeremy Page.

This has compelled me to do my own 'investigation'.

According to Nick Paton Walsh's Facebook profile he is a friend of Jeremy Page. For those who don't recall. Nick from Channel 4 was the only journalist to have been deported from Sri Lanka. Several international journalist were present in Sri Lanka at the time of Walsh's deportation. Only Nick was sent back.

I didn't realise Nick's gripe with Sri Lanka rubbed off on his mates.

Now, The Times claims Evidence gathered by The Times has revealed that at least 20,000 Tamils were killed on the beach by shelling as the army closed in on the Tigers.

This allegation appeared moments after the Sri Lankan military announced that over 22,000 Tiger combatants had been killed and 9000 had surrendered.

The Times (UK)

Photographs taken by The Times present clear evidence of an atrocity that comes close to matching Srebrenica, Darfur and other massacres of civilians. In the sandy so-called no-fire zone where the trapped Tamil civilians were told to go to escape the brutal army bombardment, there are hundreds of fresh graves as well as craters and debris where tents once stood. This was no safe zone. This was where terrified civilians buried their dead as the shells landed - after the Government had declared an end to the use of heavy weapons on April 27.
If you know the Tamil Tigers and if you have followed them closely as I have. You would know that the noble cause of a journalist is just open to exploitation by the group (LTTE). In the coming months it may come to light how the Tamil Tigers used members of the international media in their fight against Sri Lanka.

If you look at how the Sri Lankan war played out, it's clear the Tigers intended on large scale civilian casualties to save their organisation. The Tigers needed to create that impression that thousands were dying or fleeing from Army shelling.

Since September of 2008 the Tigers moved and confined more than 200,000 people around their senior leadership. As the UN and others have repeatedly pointed out, they used innocent Tamils as a human shield.

The Tigers knew that the western media would cry foul if the Sri Lankans attacked them, given the circumstances. They knew that being the terrorist served them well. Nothing they did was out of character. Everything Sri Lanka did would be scrutinised.

Photos of graves or craters don't mount to any evidence that Sri Lanka killed innocent Tamils, or that they shelled areas after reassurances that it would not.

The Tigers as shown on the video below did not always wear military apparel. They were in civilian attire and not fatigues.

The craters in the 'No Fire Zone'? The video here shows the Tigers setting off large scale explosions during the final days of the battle, in areas they still had control of within the 'No Fire Zone', or 'Safety Zone'.

The article published on The Times does not prove anything. It merely presents the Tamils with more reason to hate the Sinhalese. More reason to hate the state.

If there was substantiated evidence to prove that 20,000 Tamil civilians were killed in the 'No fire Zone', I would be the first to condemn the Sri Lankan government and call for a war crimes investigation. Thankfully though, there is more evidence pointing to the contrary.

Approximately 280,000 Tamil refugees are currently housed in refugee camps. The original figure thought to have been held by the Tigers' as a human shield was 200,000.

When common sense prevails things become much clearer.

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Bailaman said...


Recommended reading

Anonymous said...

"I am bemused that The Times, like a jilted old woman, is continuing a bitter campaign against Sri Lanka based on unverified figures and unsubstantiated assertions," he said.

"The simple fact is that Sri Lanka eliminated a detestable terrorist group and in the process rescued over 250,000 hostages held as a human shield by the terrorists."

-The Permanent Secretary to the Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Palitha Kohona

Rob said...

Guess what? Jeremy Page, South Asia Correspondent of the Times has written another..This is a joke now..

Calls for war crimes inquiry over 20,000 civilian deaths in Sri Lanka

Anonymous said...

I have credible information that the source of The Times' correspondent and the ITN correspondent is the same bloke from the Pro Tiger group The British Tamil Forum. We will be launching legal proceedings.

Anonymous said...

Incredible how in that video on the Times link above, the Tiger gun positions situated near civilians were not even attacked by heavy weapons.

I can't believe that other media organisations have not scrutinised this 'investigation'. Instead they are just republishing it and giving it more mileage.

Anonymous said...

So walks and Page are buddies? That figures!

Anonymous said...

So Walsh* and Page are buddies?

Anonymous said...

The final offensive against the LTTE did not involve any shelling. We didn't need to shell. The lack of understanding of the military offensive is the reason for all these doubts.

The LTTE were surrounded in a small patch of land. Using civilians to cover. When Special Forces commandos broke their forward defence lines in the cover of darkness using sniper rifles, 30 SF commandos infiltrated their territory and took out the tigers manning their defences from behind their own lines.

This created the opportunity for a mass exodus of civilians. Only the armed tigers ran further into their territory.

I was a part of that mission. Shells or heavy rockets were not needed to finish the LTTE.

Anonymous said...

Guys, please stop moaning about all the reporters, I can see when someone/reporters criticize Sri Lankan Government you guys started to cry, you guys expect to hear always good news about Sri Lankan government as some Tamil Diaspora never like any neutral/negative comments about LTTE, first of all why you guys are still talking about LTTE, president announced that they erased LTTE from Sri Lanka. I believe our president though I am Tamilian, but you guys don’t believe that and still barking about LTTE.

If you guys really want a peaceful Sri Lanka, please be neutral. Look at the link below and please don’t say LTTE is funding Al Jazeera. If you guys believe Tamils in North and East belongs to Sri Lanka then please help them, instead don’t waste the time in researching for news against that poor people. It is very easy for you guys to talk anything from capital Colombo and other Diaspora Tamils/Sinhalese from UK, Canada, and France etc…
But just think about the people in Vanni, can you guys live without water for just one day?

Sri Lankan Jaffna Tamil

Anonymous said...


You are trying to filter/block comments from people like me as I can see when I tried to reply for another post, so don't do that. If you are really trying to tell the truth about Sri Lanka don't do that. Face the people like me, I am not here to tell that I am a fan of LTTE or anti Sri Lankan Government, but I love my country and I will tell the truth as reply to your posts.

If you are true Sri Lankan (eitheer Sinhalese, tamil, Muslim or mixture of all I don't mind) please face me.


Bailaman said...


No one cares if you criticise the government. But when the criticism is based on lies to save the Tamil Tigers, thats when the citizens of Sri Lanka, the tax payers, the voters get irked.

Only Nick Walsh was deported from Sri Lanka. ALL other international correspondents are in Sri Lanka.

Neutrality is not supporting a terror group nor is it equating a terror group to a democratically elected government. Thats not neutral.

There is no such thing as 'Filter/Block' on comments on this site.

Anonymous said...

>>Neutrality is not supporting a terror group nor is it equating a terror group to a democratically elected government. Thats not neutral.

I don't understand what make you to think that a Tamil guys with neutral views must be an LTTE supporter, I just worry about our People Tamil, Sinhalease and Muslim.

But what make me to worry is why you guys are still talking about LTTE when there isn't one exists ? Why don't you guys spend some time in building up our country. Even tamil people forget about LTTE you guys are not letting them. Bit shame to see this kind of article from you guys.

Look at my 1st reply to this post.


Anonymous said...

Kajan follow what you preach. I have read all your comments here. You think the Government is your enemy, thats because you sympathise with the Tigers.

Anonymous said...

Every article - the last 7 - has been anti Sri Lankan and pro Tiger views. They say 'ethnic cleansing' and today they ran an article saying people shouldn't travel because 1400 IDP's are dying per week. Blatant lies. Thanks for exposing these liars.

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