UNP hopes Mrs. Senanayake can make things rosy for them

The United National Party which has struggled to win any election under Ranil Wickremasinghe, has taken an Obama like turn.

The democrats showed that they can. So the Republicans got this idiot - Michael Steele - in hopes of changing public opinion of their party.

So can the former beauty queen change the fortunes of a party that the common man loves to hate?

There is absolute no hiding the fact that the UNP has lost all recent elections because of Ranil's soft stance towards a terrorist group that inflicted 30 years of misery for all of Sri Lanka's citizens.

To be honest it wasn't the fact that the UNP negotiated with the LTTE? IT was the fact that the UNP and Ranil turned a blind eye to the Tigers' activities, and the fact that under the UNP brave men of our armed forces were named and shamed according to orders from the LTTE.

Under UNP's watch the Tigers infiltrated all quarters of state establishments. Even our armed forces. This is what led the Tigers to call the shots in Geneva. Ranil stood like spineless wimp in front of the LTTE because he couldn't tell if even his life was at risk. Had the LTTE infiltrated the PSD (Presidential Security)?

When Ranil speaks his speech impediment makes it sound as if he is quivering. Suits his spineless character well. He is now in Europe selling our motherland for petty partisan politics. There is no reason for Ranil to be visiting other Nations to discuss human rights issues in Sri Lanka. Under his watch abductions and disappearances occurred. If he takes that path, it will only come back to bite his handicapped ass later.

So back to the beauty queen.

"Rosy Senanayake was the winner in the first
Mrs World competition in 1985. She is also
a former Miss Asia Pacific International 1981
and competed as Miss Sri Lanka in Miss World 1980."

How much will Mrs. Senanayake's appointment as the Leader of the Opposition in the Western PC help? I doubt it would help at all. The Western province doesn't only consist of the uppity posh who knows who the heck she is to begin with. If a politician can't relate to the voter base then it wont matter what colour, gender, or car he/she drives. The people just won't vote for you.

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Anonymous said...

She's still hot boy!??

Anonymous said...

UNP losers wont have any chance in the future.

anura keppetipola said...

UNP will always be the party of the people and the party of the future. UPFA is only there for a short time.

Anonymous said...

uh huh..OK...

To just say these things wont bring the UNP back to power, it has to do more than just talk.

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