Video: Keep dishing out those lies MIA, Bill Maher doesn't buy it

1. NGOs (Aid agencies) and International media are not banned in Sri Lanka - they have restricted access to the conflict zone and other areas. [proof] [more proof] [Even more proof]

2. She says during her ride to the airport, her bus would get 'burnt' and everyone 'assassinated'. Strange that the passport office issued a passport and she was allowed to fly out from the 'Sinhalese dominated airport' to seek refugee status in England. Even the British High Commission which would have heard their case, is located in 'Sinhalese dominated' Colombo. Strangely she was only attacked on her way there, and not when she got there.

3. The 1983 riots she speaks of so vividly, she was just 8 years old. She was born in 1975. Three thousand Tamils did not die, and the riots were sparked because the Tamil Tigers killed 13 soldiers marking the beginning of a civil war. [The Reuters report says that hundreds died not thousands - Proof]

4. Sri Lankan prisons are dominated by the Sinhalese. So her story of 'Sinhalese not being arrested' is another blatant lie. Even Maher says 'That's hard to believe..Come..on.." [Even Sinhalese Buddhist Monks do jail time if they commit a crime - Proof]

Looks like she met her match. Bill Maher is not one to swallow garbage dished out by just anyone. I've backed my claims up too with links to neutral news sources.

So why does MIA lie? You may want to read this as well.

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The Benevolent Dictator said...

Machang...MIA is just using it for publicity...but the GOSL must combat it somehow... Americans, not being the most 'aware' in the best of times, will believe anything a celebrity says...

Roshan said...

Bill Maher is a sensible journalist.A man with a good head on his shoulder.MIA is way too immature to talk about anything to do with this issue.She should just stick to what she does best.Rap or Crap whatever the case maybe.

Sam said...

i guess this will be her last major interview about this subject. i don’t think any other program with any intelligent get her to talk about anything serious any more.

Rita said...

It's such a shame that she continues to ruin her career over this Tamil Tigers. I wonder how much of the Tigers' money went into her record label. Thats all she is talking about.

Anonymous said...

Tamils will rule the kingdom of Sri Lanka. We will kill every singhalas there to avenge our Sun God's death.

Electra said...

MIA should really get a life. She doesn't know shit and she should reall inform herself before she goes around making statements such as these. I hate attention-whore celebrities like her, who just need to resort to other means to get people to talk about them because what they produce is actually not that interesting. Has anyone talked about MIA in terms of her music lately? Nope, because it's frankly boring, and now she needs a selling point.

However, I don't agree with the way you've brushed aside 1983's Black July. You says 'hundreds, not thousands' as if that makes it any better. It was wundreds of PEOPLE, so we're still talking a fair amount of death. I don't know if you were alive or not at the time. I wasn't. But I know people who were directly affected, people whose family members died, people who felt like they had no choice but to flee their own country. I don't think we can ever underestimate what happened, to underestimate it is a grave mistake, because then we're just brushing it under the rug and that means it can always happen again. You also say it was triggered by the killing of the 13 soldiers, as if that makes it OK. Of course, the killing of the 13 soldiers wasn't OK either, but the sheer precision of the way the pogrom was carried out remains to me today as eerie and frightening as anything can possibly be. I can't imagine the fear and desperation of those people. I can easily why many Tamils have been insecure since, or are afraid to return to SL. I think it's very easy for many of us to say that they are paranoid etc., because we have never known that fear, we have never known that danger.

Just my thoughts.

Bailaman said...

Actually I didn't play anything down. I merely corrected her in my post.

Regardless of how many died, people died. But don't forget the instigator - Prabhakaran.

People can do crazy things when they are pushed. A group of Sinhalese men were emotional at the loss of their own, which led them to do the unthinkable.

Most of the Muslims and Sinhalese protected the Tamils. Communities stood up for each other when these mobs came looking.

My family did the same. We had several Tamil families in our homes during that time.

So it was not Sinhalese killing Tamils. It was a violent mob of Sinhalese, a few hundred. Not the whole nation.

harshajayman said...

Well said Bialaman. And we should also emphasize that only a minority of tamil population live in Sri Lanka were terrorists and M.I.A. belongs to the tamil diaspora who has got a big voice( do not where it came form all of a sudden when LTTE was dying) trying to give rebirth to terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

M.I.A. really embarrassed herself in this interview. Sam, you are complete correct, no smart company will ever interview her again on this subject. Not without giving her a script to read at least.

As for what she said about how government should not reduce themselves to fighting like terrorists to solve an issue. I think its important to point out that the government tried to reach a political solution a few times by means of peace talks and cease fires... but that all amount to nothing but ruthless terrorists attacks on Sri Lankan civilians. The government had to eliminate the Tigers and clearly there was only one effective way to do it, sadly.

Anonymous said...

yeuuwww...she looks so gross.

Anonymous said...

i would also like to add this comment since it is sinhalese and muslim who saved tamil being killed at the black july incident. yet, ruthless terrorist instrigated and used that sinfull incident for misleading own and world communities.

Anonymous said...

She agreed with Bill at the very end that THEY ARE TERRORISTS!!!!

The Benevolent Dictator said... wasn't a mob of Sinhalese citizens, emotional at the killing of the 13 soldiers, randomly deciding to attack Tamils. By all accounts the attackers had voter lists. This, coupled with the fact that JRJ chose to remain mum on the issue and not announce a curfiew until after the damage was done, points to the government of the time's complicity.

VP was a terrorist. The GOSL on the other hand, is responsible for the safety of its people. I would hold the GOSL responsible as well and not just VP.

Bailaman said...

Indeed, I was referring to the people who actually went from home to home. They were not members of the police force or armed forces. They were thugs..hoodlums..

Anonymous said...

Everyone has commented on M.I.A and her :P so I'll just say man I LOVE DeLon!!!! I'm so proud of him for standing up to M.I.A and exposing her to the world...

Sam said...

Black July is black – Period.
Just like, not every Tamils is a terrorist, not every Sinhalese was a mob. Matter of fact, only tiny few were. But are Sinhalise collectively guilty? Have you learned our lesson? Have we paid enough for our sins? Yes! Yes! and Yes!

Now while we are at it, my suggestion is MIA should get drunk and let paparatzies photograph she getting down from the car with no panties, but wearing camouflage skirt, leak a sex tape and then, only then, she can write the book she is planning to do.

Anonymous said...

I think the whole diaspora is pro – LTTE for they funded LTTE to keep their own nation as human shield many a time and LTTE in return strengthen their luxurious refugee state. For what they are doing now by agitating govt and native Sinhalese is to make another rift between ethnic Sinhalese and Tamils; as at present they live in harmony in south.

Anonymous said...

Fort Wayne.
she says that Obama would have taken proper action against Sri Lankas civil war but why would Obama get involved with it since Sri Lanka has its own power and a GREAT leader. it's all bull...

Anonymous said...

I am a sinhalees. My father & my family rescued & kept two tamil families hidden in our house from looters during black july & helped one family to escape to UK. Obviously MIA doesnt have a single clue what happened in 1983. she needs a history lesson befoe she speaks in public.Since she is a LTTE member her brain is washed & now empty !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

FYI all - current tv is trying to interview MIA on the situation in sri lanka. make sure that they know the sides to the story, aka NOT HER LIES!

Anonymous said...

At least 600 Tamils were killed during the week long rioting.


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