Video: The lifestyle of Vellupillai Prabhakaran (Pirabhaharan)

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Bimal said...

One question, does anyone know his true name? Is it Prabhakran, Prabhharan or Pirabhaharan? I see various people refering to im in various different ways.

Anonymous said...

where is luxury in these photos? why simply
spreading such propaganda?

Bailaman said...

What did the Children, this man took from every Tamil mother have? Did they have toys like his son had?

There is no propaganda here. If the word 'propaganda' is new to you look it up, look up the definition, and educate your fellow Tamils on the true meaning of the word.

The life that Charles Anthony led, the ability to grow up as a normal child with toys and birthday parties were taken away from tens and thousands of children in the last 10 years.

Your grievances were discrimination, but your war took so much away from your own future - that is your children.

So many of them were deprived of education and a normal life.

That is not propaganda. Thats the truth.

In all photos Tami,net releases Prabhakaran was pictured as some stern warrior. You see behind the scenes what he really looked like. He gave his family and himself what he took away from other Tamils. Thats the right to live a normal peaceful life.

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