Video: Sri Lanka's Recovery and Casualties Difficult to Predict

Following up on Sri Lankas war recovery, despite a recent report in The Times, the United Nations says that there are no clear figures for civilian casualties yet. The war recently led to the crushing of the militant group, the Tamil Tigers.

The Times newspaper in London recently reported that more than 20,000 Tamil civilians were killed in the final days of Sri Lanka's military operation to defeat the Tamil Tigers rebels.

In response to that article, the United Nations resident coordinator in Sri Lanka, Neil Buhne, said it is not so black and white.

[Neil Buhne, United Nations Resident Coordinator]:
"I think at the moment it is really hard to know the level of civilian casualties over the last weeks, especially in the last few weeks of the war when it is very difficult to get clear information.

The Sri Lankan government claimed victory on May 21 in the three-decade-old conflict with Tamil Tiger rebels, which the UN says killed up to 100,000 people.

The UN boss in Sri Lanka also says the government's aim to resettle 80 percent of the 300,000 internally displaced people in camps was ambitious, but stressed the need to start the process.

[Neil Buhne, United Nations]:
"It is going to be a challenge I think to get everyone back in that period. But whether it is six months or whether it is eight months or whether it is ten months the point is that there is progress because people must know that they have a chance to go back to their homes.

The UN, the Sri Lankan government and other humanitarian agencies are currently working towards improving conditions in the camps.

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