Video: Tamil Ethnic Violence and Immigration in Australia - Alan Jones

Synopsis (From YouTube):

Sri Lankan violence has no place here.

How slack are our immigration policies? - Alan Jones.

Questions are again being raised about the age-old chestnut, Australia's immigration policy.

Two young Sri Lankan men have been hospitalised after an attack at their Westmead home.

The thought of anyone being treated after an attack for acid burns, broken limbs and possible stab wounds is beyond the comprehension of most civilised people.

These are two young men well known within the Sri Lankan community. Their attackers are believed to be Tamils.

But the attack was part of what police described as an unprecedented 24 hours of violence starting with brawls at Parramatta Park, Westmead railway station and a Wentworthville supermarket.

Today we learn that 55 men, stranded since last Thursday on a boat in Banda Aceh, the provincial capital and largest city of Aceh, Indonesia, confirmed they were Tamil Tigers on their way to Australia to seek political asylum.

Now all of this derives from the proclaimed ending of the 37 year war in Sri Lanka between the Tamil Tigers and successive Sri Lankan Governments.

The Tamil Tigers are a militant organisation based in northern Sri Lanka, and since 1976 they've waged a violent secessionist campaign that seeks to create an independent Tamil state in the north and east of Sri Lanka.

This had evolved into the Sri Lankan civil war, one of the longest running armed conflicts in Asia.

The Tamil Tigers are regarded as a terrorist organisation by 32 countries.

They claim to be fighting to protect the country's Tamil minority from discrimination at the hands of successive Sri Lankan majority Governments that have ruled the country since independence.

And they do have support outside Sri Lanka.

But by all reports following long and fierce confrontations and a concerted military offensive by the Sri Lankan Government, the President of Sri Lanka declared a military victory over the Tamil Tigers three days ago after 26 years of conflict.

The leader of the Tamil Tigers since its formation, Velupillai Prabhakaran, was reported to have been killed by Government forces. On Sunday the Tamil Tigers admitted defeat.

So back to Parramatta and Sri Lankan supporters began celebrating the victory at Parramatta Park.

They were apparently approached by Tamil supporters and violence followed.

They moved on to the Westmead railway station and there are reports by Tamil supporters that they saw Sri Lankan supporters or Sinhalese as they're called, waiting near Westmead railway station brandishing baseball bats and golf clubs. The Tamils say they called for support and all hell broke loose.

One Sinhalese victim didn't wish to be named, but said he was with a group of about 15 friends and his car was attacked by a group of Tamil Tigers supporters. They fled to the Aldi supermarket at Wentworthville and another brawl broke out.

Now the Tamil Tigers are widely regarded around the world as having committed atrocities against civilians, carrying out the assassinations of several high-ranking Sri Lankan and Indian politicians like Rajiv Gandhi, pioneering the use of suicide bombing and the use of women in suicide attacks.

The Tamils were protesting in front of Canberra's British and American embassies yesterday, and now two men in hospital and police believe as many as five broke into their home about midnight on Sunday night.

A 28-year-old student at the University of Sydney apparently survived by hiding under a bed.

The Daily Telegraph is right today when it says the world's troubles have made their way to Australia... again.

Which prompts the question, how slack are our immigration policies?

Australians are sick of their country becoming a dumping ground for the troubles of others.

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Anonymous said...

Well put Bailaman. But the real question we have to put to Alan Jones is, "Why the hell didnt AUstralia label LTTE as a terrorist organization". If it did, maybe they would have not let these Tamil youths into the country!
Kevin Rudd should stand up and face the music and check the background of ppl before they enter the country!

Lalitha said...

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