Video: Tamil Tiger Leaders corpses identified and displayed

Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Rupavahini's Saman Kumara Ramawickrama (SKR) reports from the front lines. Senior Tamil Tiger leaders' remains appear on display as military intelligence officials investigate the identity of the corpses.

The video below is in Sinhalese. Below is rough English transcript.

Reporter: For 30 long years the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) and it's leaders brought division and segregation, hate, death and destruction for all people of Sri Lanka. This behind me is where they met their end.

Reporter: In this morning's offensive the first LTTE leader to have been killed was Prabhakaran's son Charles Anthony. This [shows photos] is an image of him.

Reporter: Charles Anthony was shot dead in the Karayamulli Vaikkal lagoon area. He died as a result of a bullet wound below his right eye. Charles Anthony was named as successor to Prabhakaran in the LTTE leadership ranks. His death could mean that the LTTE may not live to influence the next generation. However, the death of Charles Anthony in this manner could create another Prabhakaran in the future.

Reporter: In his possession, in a travel bag, the Army recovered a large sum of money - Sri Lankan currency.

Reporter: Along with Charles Anthony, another senior LTTE leader Rathnam Master has also perished. He was in charge of LTTE’s Military Intelligence and the RADHA Regiment. He was also one of the closest associates of Prabhakaran. Rathnam Master provided protection to the LTTE leader. His Passport and ID was discoverd in his possession.

Reporter: The remains of Nadesan and Pullidevan have also been identified. The Tigers' entire senior leadership including Soosai, Pottu Amman, and Banu have also been confirmed dead. Female Tiger leaders including Subha have also perished.

Reporter: The identification of corpses by Military Intelligence continues as we speak. It is an on going operation. There is considerable number of corpses of Tiger leaders yet to be identified. Troops continue to recover more bodies in the ongoing mop-up operations.

Reporter: [2:32] This location is where it is claimed that Vellupillai Prabhakaran met his death. This morning the LTTE attacked this location as Prabhakaran attempted to flee. When the security forces returned fire the vehicle in which he was travelling went up in flames. Six suicide bombers blew themselves up in the process as well. Some corpses of the LTTE leaders are burnt beyond recognition. DNA identification of those corpses will remain the only means of identify them.

Reporter: This is Rupavahini's Saman Kumara Ramawickrama reporting from the Karayamulli Vaikkal front lines.

Prabhakaran confirmed dead

Prabhakaran's body found - Army Chief

Commander of Sri Lanka Army General Sarath Fonseka has confirmed that the body of V.Prabhakaran, psychopathic leader of world's most barbaric terrorist outfit Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has been found short while ago (May 19).

According to the defence sources, the LTTE leader who has ordered thousands of Tamil youth to give up their lives for him has tried to save his life until the last moment.
The terror chief's body was found by the 53 Division troops led by Major General
Kamal Goonarathne, the sources further said.

“A few hours ago on Tuesday morning (19), our ground troops confirmed that they have recovered the dead body of the world’s most ruthless terrorist leader. I make this disclosure with responsibility and pleasure as millions of Sri Lankans as well as the Army would be the most delighted at this news,” General FONSEKA said.


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