'We have decided to silence our guns' - Tamil Tigers

For the first time in 28 years the Tamil Tigers (aka LTTE) have admitted defeat.

The Age (Australia)
"This battle has reached its bitter end,'' the Tigers' chief of international relations, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, said in a statement carried on the pro-rebel Tamilnet website.

"We remain with one last choice -- to remove the last weak excuse of the enemy for killing our people. We have decided to silence our guns.

"Our only regrets are for the lives lost and that we could not hold out for longer.''
Selvarasa Pathmanathan has been suspected of being KP using another alias.

Jane's Defence Weekly
The Tamil Tiger' financial and procurement structure is well organised and strategically positioned around the globe. Unlike the decentralised jihadist movement, the LTTE is a centralised, hierarchical organisation commanded and controlled by its founding leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran. LTTE loyalists tend to fill the ranks of the two principal directorates that manage the interlocking aims of raising money and buying weapons. However, lower down the chain of command LTTE members tend to act as outsourced agents driven as much by profit as any ideological commitment to creating a Tamil state in Sri Lanka.

The two overarching financial and procurement bodies are the Aiyanna Group, directed by Pottu Amman, and the Office of Overseas Purchases, directed by Kumaran Pathmanathan, alias KP, and source of the office's nickname, the KP Department. Both men have extant Interpol Red Notices listed against them.

The Aiyanna Group functions as the Tamil Tiger' clandestine intelligence and operations body, and likely to be responsible for monitoring and ensuring the organisation's financial support and revenue streams. The Aiyanna Group's global management allegedly acts as overseer among Tamil communities in Western countries through LTTE front organisations.

The Office of Overseas Purchases or KP Department is most probably the LTTE's procurement arm.

COLOMBO (Reuters) - The Tamil Tigers conceded defeat in Sri Lanka's 25-year civil war on Sunday, after launching waves of suicide attacks to repel a final assault by troops determined to annihilate them.

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Anonymous said...

The LTTE has given contradictory versions about their claim that they had decided to silence their guns.

The Pro LTTE Tamilnet quoting the LTTE’s head of International Relations, Selvarasa Pathmanathan said that they "decided to silence our guns", adding that "This battle has reached its bitter end.".

But a later statement on the Tamilnet website appeared to modify the rebel position.

Pathmanathan said the LTTE was "prepared to silence its guns if that is what needed by the international community to save the life and dignity of the Tamil people".

Anonymous said...

Indeed! I posted the excerpt before they changed it.The original is above. So they had a change of heart about peace. Not surprised.

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