What are the Tigers cooking up now? 'Mercy Ship' sets sail to Sri Lanka

Tamilnet -the pro Tiger website - has posted information of a 'Mercy mission'. A ship carrying aid to the displaced.

This is unusual behaviour at a time when the Ministry of Defence reported finding the body of Prabhakaran's son and other senior leaders.

It gives one the inclination that this maybe a last ditch effort to rescue Vellupillai Prabhakaran or some other sinister ploy.


TamilNet, Sunday, 17 May 2009, 22:23 GMT]

Mercy Mission ship, “Captain Ali” set sail from Fos-Sur-Mer, France on the 2nd leg of the mission, carrying approximately 884 metric tons of food, medicine, and other essential humanitarian relief items destined for the Tamil civilians in the Vanni area of Northern Sri Lanka displaced by the war just entered the Red Sea after traveling through the Suez Canal, a press release issued by the organizers of the mission said. The ship began the 1st leg of its journey from the Port of Ipswich, UK on 20 April 2009.

A ship named 'VANANGAMAN' attempted to set sail from the British port of Southampton in April of this year, and it was promptly ordered by the British authorities to return on the orders of the Sri Lankan government. Tamilnet, however, is making it seem that ship has been sailing since April. It's hard to imagine that it took a ship of that size two months to reach the Suez Canal from the UK.

This appears to be the same vessel making another attempt.

It's unclear who they are going to deliver this 'aid' to. It's not certain which port they intend on docking. The ship has not received any clearance from the Sri Lanka Navy to enter waters surrounding the conflict zone.

It appears to be an aimless mission, funded by the Tamil diaspora, carrying unverified cargo. A recipe for disaster if no prior permission is obtained to enter Sri Lanka's territorial water.

They have on board a non Sri Lanka. Who, according to the Tamil organisers of the venture, was a member of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission.

Kristjan Gu├░mundsson, from Iceland appears to be the new human shield. The occupants of the ship and the Tamil Tigers know all too well that having foreign nationals on board would cause the Sri Lankan Navy headaches if they chose to immobilise the ship using force.

The ships remaining occupants appear to be all Tamil.

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Anonymous said...

Please address tamilnet's supposed "journalist" with Telegraph "Richard Dixon" as what it truly is: propaganda.


Sri Lanka needs to have a war on this pro-LTTE propaganda machine. These allegations need to be corrected immediately before more Tamils begin to believe this !

Bailaman said...

Sri Lanka seizes boat funded by Tiger backers

Bailaman said...

Originally 'Vanangaman', a suspected LTTE run vessel, set sail on 20th April 2009 from Ipswich, UK carrying the Mercy Mission's cargo but changed strategy due to obvious reasons. The 'Vanangaman' changed course and set sail to France where it offloaded its cargo at Fecamp. The cargo was then transported over land to the French port of Fos-Sur-Mer, where it was loaded onto MV 'Captain Ali' with another load of supplies. The second leg of the 'Mercy Mission' began on the 7th May, from the said port in France with MV 'Captain Ali' carrying a cargo of 884 MT.

The Sri Lanka Navy had maintained a close watch over the development of events and had a steady flow of information on the movement of the 'Rogue Vessel' from various reliable sources and was ready to intercept the controversial vessel if it tries to enter Sri Lankan waters.

Sri Lanka Navy

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