Why does the Sri Lankan government send incompetent fools to talk to international media?

It's incredibly frustrating to see the Sri Lankan government sending unprofessional village idiots as the face of our great nation to answer the international media.

You will understand my frustrations when you see the video below.

What type of response is 'actually..that's is what we are saying...we are not shelling"?????

If I was faced with the same questions, this would be my response.

Al Jazeera: Do you still deny shelling the safe zone despite mounting evidence, including satellite imagery which proves otherwise?

A: Madame, can you tell the source of the shelling from looking at a photo taken from space? The photos show craters in an area which has been a war zone for years.

It doesn't prove anything.

Al Jazeera: They say the craters indicate that heavy weapons have been used recently. Are you suggesting the Tamil Tigers are using heavy weapons?

A: Tell me you are not new to the Tamil Tigers? IF you don't know of the LTTE and their military capability let me explain. The Tigers not only own heavy weaponry they also have in their possession weapons which the Sri Lankan Army has no access to.

If you think about this whole scenario in a rationale manner you would immediately come to the conclusion that it is suicidal for Sri Lanka to fire heavy weapons into this zone after president Rajapakse promised to halt the use of such.

Who benefits from these deaths? IF we wanted to, a 4KM stretch would take no more than 2-3 hours of heavy bombardment to bring this conflict to an immediate end. It has been dragging on this long because of our concern for these Tamil civilians.

Al Jazeera
: Clearly the United States doesn't believe you? President Obama said today that the indiscriminate shelling must stop - these were his words - that your government must live up to its commitment to not use heavy weapons in this area. So clearly he doesn't believe you.

A: Of course he wont believe us when the international media, including Al Jazeera, conducts interviews with anonymous individuals - over the phone - claiming to be doctors from the conflict zone. Madame I have written about this before. The Tigers will put Jospeh Goebbels and the Nazi propaganda machine to shame. If you can believe sources sympathetic to a banned terrorist group, I find it hard to swallow that you question the word of a democratically elected government.

Al Jazeera: How can you prove your not shelling? Why not allow access to humanitarian groups, international monitors, human rights activist, and independent journalist to verify whats happening?

A: I hope you're not just repeating things you read about on the Internet? I hope having asked that question you realise the only place the media or aid groups have no access to is a 4 square KM area where the Tigers are holed up, surrounded by booby traps and mines. I hope you realise that allowing non combatants into this zone will cause more harm than good. And most importantly opening up routes for the Tigers to escape will render this operation and the countless lives lost by the armed forces, useless. That's not what the tax payers and citizens of our country want.

Both the UNHCR and ICRC has access to ship in aid via sea ferry and also evacuate the injured whom we take care of in government hospitals. Even the hospitals you claim that we shell is paid for by us and maintained by tax payer money.

Al Jazeera: The United States is now saying that these attacks must stop. Will you now heed their calls?

A: I just denied that we shell this area with heavy weapons. To heed their call is to do nothing further, as we have not been shelling this area. I hope this will be the last time we are presented with this question. It's becoming a bit of a farce that some of you continue to fall prey to hear say.

Al Jazeera: How can you say you stop this? Everyone, so many different organisations, including Human Rights Watch and the U.S. say that 50,000 civilians (are) still trapped by the Tamil Tigers by the one side and by your continued shelling on the other side.

A: I urge you all to take a few minutes out of your busy daily routines to verify what I'm going to say now. Reffer to the HRW claims and all other claims of shelling on our part. Where do these allegations stem from? The evidence you speak of is all presented by pro Tiger aid groups and pro Tiger media. You just claimed the media had no access or independent monitors had no access. So you must agree that everything you dished out today is based on what the Tigers are saying.

Al Jazeera
: Why aren't you giving aid groups and other organisations access to the 190,00 IDPS?

A: You realise that is factually incorrect right? Will you issue a statement clarifying the error upon fact checking it? Care, Red Cross, UNHCR, and other local charities all have access to all camps. With the exception of camps where combatants are being held. The resettlement process has already begun as areas they previously occupied are gradually being de-mined. Please get your facts right. This callous reporting doesn't just affect 190,000 or 250,000 people. It will effect the lives of 21 million Sri Lankans as you tarnish the nation's image based on hear say and factually incorrect information.

Al Jazeera: Clearly witness testimony we have been hearing from doctors and others trapped in those zones contradict what you been saying.

A: Clearly you have your wires crossed somewhere. There is a war zone/conflict zone where the Tigers are in bunkers, heavily armed, using 20,000 humans as a shield. Then there are camps where these 190,000 displaced are housed till they can be resettled. The camps housing the displaces has 59 aid agencies working together to provide these people with basic necessities.

This whole reporter thing can get confusing eh?

Al Jazeera: Are you saying the United States is not aware of what's going on?

A: No, I think it's just you who is not aware.

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Anonymous said...


Fan of Bailaman said...

Whatever Anonymous, the guy just doesn't know how to communicate effectively (somewhat like yourself perhaps).

Anyhow, Bailaman this has got to be my all time favourite post ! Love your response.

Anonymous said...

your responses are not good at all.
Your English is better than the politicians. Thats all.
But nothing of substance in your answers.
You are a complete joker if you claim that fair access is granted to the camps. Access is granted to nobody to areas where evidence of Genocide needs to be cleaned out. As for the camps, there is a strict control. And the fact that some westerners have not praised the GOSL makes them even more paranoid. They love to throw the 'White tiger' label at such people.
That is why the international de miners were not allowed in. They can clear it in a short space of time. But ofcourse all the war crime evidence will emerge.
So the GOSL is not going to send anybody in there unless they are closely monitored.
Take the murder of the 17 French NGOS. That was one of the main reasons access was blocked to foreigners in future years.
GOS denied that these NGOS were dead.
Foreign investigators showed photo evidence of the executions.
GOSL then changed their story and said that it must have been LTTE.
the investigators then showed the evidence that it was most likely the army that committed it.
Then GOSL once again changes the story and says it may have been done by a soldier disobeying orders.
I saw this on a news report which i believe was uploaded on youtube. The actual interview with the army.
This was a big waking up moment for many across the world about the deceitful nature of the GOSL.
You claim that these illiterate politicians talking to the west causes further division? True. But you also contribute. Your website is too much of a Sinhala deniers website, that is extremely biased and one sided.
You certainly wont create unity in SL.
And dont expect most tamils to speak honestly there. Not with the risk of being arrested and/or killed.

Fein said...

To Anonymous September 16, 2009 1:46 AM

There are 6 international de-mining teams in Sri Lanka so your lies above have just gone out the window before reading too far into your crap.

Genocide? Please dont take us for fools. Deceitful nature of GOSL? Zip it..better than your terrorism. We vote the GOSL in and out when we want..we=people of sri lanka. you=another tamil tiger.

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