Americans protest civil war in Sri Lanka

"America cares!" is what the description on the Youtube video says.. I swear!

On a more serious note, Sri Lankan Tamils have turned up at the 20Twenty Cricket World Cup to hound cricketers over what they call "human rights issues" in Sri Lanka.

What they hope to achieve by protesting at visiting sportsmen, I do not know. What they will achieve however is a bad name for the hosts of the tournament.

The World Cup is an event that the British were looking forward to.

Protesting at the Sri Lankan cricket team and holding a sign saying "Ban Sri Lanka from international cricket" is a sign that these people live in their own perception of reality.

Sri Lanka will never be banned from international cricket.

Photograph: Philip Brown/Reuters

Protesting at sportsman over human rights abuses in their country is just plain stupid. You may as well protest at box of Sri Lankan Tea.

Sports is a good means of spreading awareness of human rights abuses, but it's usually the sportsmen who spread that message.

Someone please explain that to these Tamil protesters. They've got their wires a little crossed.

Guardian (UK)

About 50 London-based Sri Lankans gathered outside the Wellington Road entrance, armed with placards condemning the Sri Lankan government's "human rights abuses".

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