Canadian Intelligence Agents in Sri Lanka to prevent Tamil Tigers from entering Canada

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has diverted it's agents from India to Sri Lanka to handle the screening of visa applicants at the Canadian High Commission in Sri Lanka.

According to The Globe and Mail, the move is to prevent members of the Tamil Tigers from entering Canada.

The deputy minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Richard Fadden, has stated that any hint that the applicant may have a connection to the Tigers will trigger off a more thorough screening.

The Globe and Mail

We are insisting that all applications that have any possibility of involvement with the LTTE be referred to secondary review either by CBSA or by CSIS,” Mr. Fadden said during an appearance before the House of Commons immigration committee.
The Tigers, or anyone associated with them, are masters of deceit. How a CSIS agent can tell a potential terrorist out of a group of people who at first glance look largely alike, I do not know.

No terrorist applying for a visa will knowingly check that box which says "yes" to the question, "Have you ever been a member of a terrorist organization?"

With essentially every family in the region forced to give up one child per household almost everyone who lived under the Tigers' control had some connection to the group.

Canada is already home to a number of former Tiger leaders. Many of these people now living under the status of 'refugee' could well have committed heinous crimes against humanity. These are people who are experts at cheating the system. They don't care much for laws either.

The CSIS agents alone cannot prevent members of the Tigers from entering Canada. It would also require some assistance from the Sri Lankan Intelligence establishments in order to succeed.

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