Erik Solheim grilled on BBC's hard talk for his association with the Tamil Tigers

BBC's hard Talk asks Solheim a few questions that others avoided.

Watch this clip here.

Erik Solheim was the peace negotiator and mediator between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers.

Why did talks with the Tigers fail?

Asian Tribune - 2006 (Republished on the Ministry of Defence website)

When the two delegations of the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and the LTTE arrived in Oslo for their latest round of talks. Erik Solheim, the Norwegian facilitator who had gone out on a limb to save the LTTE from international pressures and opprobrium, had grand visions of being in the smiling centre of the two parties shaking hands and informing the media that the LTTE had agreed not to target Nordic Truce Monitors. But the LTTE had other plans for him. Even before they left Sri Lanka they had planned to scuttle the talks like all other talks which were not going to go their way.

If the talks got off to a new start the LTTE would have to face the flak from all quarters, including Norway, and agree (at least nominally) to adhere to the Ceasefire Agreement and guarantee security for the Truce Monitors. But from the LTTE point of view there was nothing to be gained at the talks that were going to restrain them. Earlier, they refused to go to the Tokyo Conference of international donors which had pledged $4.5 billion because the aid was tied to guaranteeing human rights and democratising of the one-man regime in the Vanni.

The LTTE was also under unprecedented international pressure. Canada and EU had banned them. The Truce Monitors had declared that the LTTE had no rights to the sea in the north and the east as it belonged to the sovereign state of Sri Lanka. India was not willing to accommodate a "third force" in the Indian Ocean.

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