If Canada can ban George Galloway, Sri Lanka need not explain Rae's deportation

Canada has expressed 'dismay and displeasure' at Bob Rae's deportation from Sri Lanka. Not only did the Sri Lankans deport him, they also made him sleep the night at the airport. Poor bugger.

There should never be double standards. Canada banned British MP George Galloway just two months ago.

Toronto Star
Controversial British MP George Galloway says he will challenge the decision to refuse him entry into Canada on the basis he poses a threat to national security.

The anti-war MP accused Canadian officials of cooking up an excuse to block his entry because his views are not shared by Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government.

Canada now wants Sri Lanka to answer for it's actions. The Canadians, however, deemed it perfectly acceptable to consider a British MP, under the same circumstances, as a threat to national security.

Ring any bells?

Those were the very grounds that Sri Lanka denied Bob Rae entry into Sri Lanka. A threat to national security.

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