Ignoring racism has hurt Australia

Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan - the Harrison Ford of Indian cinema - said he won't be going to Australia to accept a honorary doctorate awarded to him from an Australian university due to Australian racism.


Yup, that's right. Yet another public figure voicing his concerns over racism in Australia.

For years visiting cricket teams complained of being racially abused by Australian fans (Caucasian). These were famous international sportsman, guests of Australia, being called names over the colour of their skin, or ethnic background.

The Sri Lankan cricket team and the South African cricketers have both complained of being taunted.

When the Sri Lankan cricketers visited Australia last, in late 2007, eggs were hurled at Muttiah Muralitharan who was visiting a restaurant in Hobart.

The Australian press reported it as if it was all good fun, a good laugh. The fox sports report below makes it seem like Murali was behind yet another 'unsavoury' incident. Somehow he was to blame for a bunch of racist hurling abuse and eggs from a passing car.

Fox Sports
MUTTIAH Muralitharan is once again at the centre of an unsavoury moment in Australia with an egg being thrown at members of the Sri Lankan camp in Hobart.

Sri Lanka team manager Shriyan Samararatne confirmed the incident happened on Thursday night and said the egg hit one of the Sri Lankan selectors.

He denied reports the egg had actually struck the controversial off-spinner in the face.
No arrests were made then and no arrests have been made now. Does that then indicate a lack of will on the part of the Australian government to prosecute racist and white supremacists?

When the Sri Lankan authorities could not make arrests in Sri Lanka, when journalists were attacked, it was generally considered 'state sponsored', or portrayed as a lack of will on the part of the Sri Lankan government.

For years the Australians did nothing when thousands turned up at the cricket and chanted "No ball", ball after ball, chanting defamatory abuse at cricket's greatest bowler, an ethnic Tamil, Muttiah Muralitharan.

For many years the Australians cried foul at anyone calling them racist. If one was to raise the issue they would be labelled 'ignorant', and accused of not having an understanding of 'Australian values'.

Now, it has finally come back to bite them in the ass.

Hundreds of Indian students marched in Sydney to protest recent race related attacks against their community.

Hundreds of Indian students marched in Sydney on Sunday to protest against a spate of violent attacks that victims have called racist, witnesses said.

The attacks caused some diplomatic discomfort between the two countries and sparked angry protests in India.
Still certain quarters of the Australian government deny these attacks are race related despite over 70 Indian students attacked in the last several months and an Indian student's car set on fire.

Ignoring the problem, or attributing it to a few drunks doesn't make it go away. Similar to the advice you would give an alcoholic, "The first step is to acknowledge the problem".

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