Moderate Sri Lankan Tamils have no representation in the International Media

The international media tends to always put forth speakers who are affiliated with the Tamil Tigers to present the Tamil point of view on the conflict in Sri Lanka.

The two parties always present on any televised debate on Sri Lanka's conflict consists of a non-Tamil and a Tamil who is on a smear campaign against Sri Lanka (generally representing the interests of the Tamil Tigers).

Nagalingam is a Sri Lankan Tamil, not one who makes excuses for terrorism, but the sane moderate kind.

His blog A Virile Nagalingam is a great read all in all. But one post caught my eye.

The post appears to be a direct question, or an invitation rather, to those, including MIA and Jan, who are constantly presented in the international media as the "Tamil Diaspora".

The moderate -peace loving- Tamils find themselves rarely represented in the media. It's almost always someone who is affiliated with the Tamil Tigers.

A Virile Nagalingam

I am part of what is routinely described as the "Tamil Diaspora."

You [MIA and Jan Jananayagam], including the organization [Tamils Against Genoicde], have been solicited for your opinions on what is/has happened, why, how, by whom, when, etc. etc. by many on Fleet Street

This is all well and reassuring (as it is a sign of predictability)--an indication that reflexive identity-politics still holds sway in western democracies. That tokenism is a treasured tool of the hack journalist in his/her quest for more exposure, continued access to interviewees and the respect of token minorities in their own circle of friends.

All beside the point, which is, that large portions of the Tamil Diaspora who do not agree with you are rendered voiceless and nearly without the means for actualizing our own agency.

You see, it's not simply about money, lawd knows that there many among us who have that in lorry-loads and more; it's about who conferred upon you lot the right to speak for everyone--the right to cement the notion that there can be, "one Tamil voice to rule them all."
Sticking to the same topic as above - the representation of Tamils in the international media -Amère Vérité exposes Arjunan Ethirveerasingam.

Arjunan is regularly featured by the international media to present that Tamil point of view. He calls himself a 'Humanitarian aid worker'.

He is yet another who has connections to the Tamil Tigers. He is pictured on Amère Vérité 's blog with Tamilchelvam, a senior Tamil Tiger leader.

Does that then present the global audience with a true and fair view of Sri Lanka's conflict?

In a nutshell:

The Tamil Tigers exploited the genuine grievances of the Tamils in Sri Lanka for years to build an army which wanted to carve out a state only for Tamils.

The Tigers ruled by the gun, and everything pointed to the fact that this Tamil state -EELAM- would also be ruled by the gun.

No freedom, no free press, and no democracy. Vellupillai Prabhakaran would be the supreme leader, and his son the successor. Self proclaimed leaders of the Tamils.

That is not a future one should expect for anyone, let alone the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

In the last 6 months very few moderate Tamils were allowed to voice their views.

Not only were they forced into war by the Tamil Tigers' rule of 'one child per household', but their voices too were silenced. Folks like MIA, Jan Jananayagam and this 'humanitarian' Ethirveerasingam were allowed to create an impression of large scale casualties to pressure Sri Lanka into a ceasefire.

A ceasefire would have ensured the Tigers would have fled, re-grouped and re-armed to take Sri Lanka back to years of civil war.

Tamils living outside of Sri Lanka must understand that the only way forward is to support a moderate Tamil political group in Sri Lanka.

Although the Tamil Tigers painted moderate Tamil politicians as traitors, common sense would tell you they did so out of the fear of their mere existence.

Douglas Devananda and Veerasingham Anandasangaree are two moderate Tamil politicians currently in Sri Lanka. They represent the Tamils of Sri Lanka. The Tigers tried hard to assassinate them but they prevailed. It's time for the Tamil community to honour such brave men who have stood up for Tamils' rights even with the constant threat to their lives.

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