The Non-Tamil Tiger - Adele Ann Wilby

A British newspaper - The London Evening Standard - has revealed the whereabouts of Adele Balasingham, the wife of the late senior Tamil Tiger leader Anton Balasingham. Adele, or 'Aunty' as she is known by the Tamil Tigers, is one of the only senior Tiger leaders to remain alive today.

The video below shows her in Tiger fatigues garlanding young women - most just kids - with cyanide capsules.

The capsule delivers a fatal dose of cyanide which prevents these children from being captured alive.

Russell Skelton, of the Australian publication -The Age, recalls his meeting with Mrs. Balasingham in the jungles of Sri Lanka in April of 1990.

The Age (Australia)

And strangely, it might just be the women, and one in particular, who are the survivors and inheritors of this bloody philosophy. The Australian-born Adele Wilby was last heard of in London, apparently in hiding, but still a fervent member of the movement.

One of my most enduring memories of visits to LTTE-controlled Jaffna and the LTTE camp is of Wilby, the elfin Gippsland nurse with a pleasant sunny face who had fallen in love with her political science lecturer, proudly talking about women Tigers — how they had escaped arranged marriages and embraced enlightened feminism and the "burning spirit of freedom".

No doubt that was how she saw it. When I went on to tell her I had spent an afternoon talking to a platoon of women cadres, her sunny disposition evaporated. She became terse and unfriendly, and anxiously grilled me on what they had told me, what views they had revealed. I told her they had described themselves as freedom fighters willing to give their lives for a Swiss democracy in the jungle. And this was exactly what they had expressed.

I felt it would have been dangerous for them to have said anything else.
Adele, now 59, has kept a low profile, and her whereabouts have remained a mystery, until now.

She is also believed to be behind the Anti Sri Lankan protest which saw swathes of misguided youth turn up in support of a banned terrorist group - the Tamil Tigers. Her involvement in spreading doctored Tamil Tiger propaganda to The Times and other media outlets, which claimed that Sri Lanka had intentionally killed close to 20,000 Tamils, has prompted the Sri Lankan government to seek for her arrest.

She has benefited financially too, as is the case with many others who proclaim support for the terror group, even publishing a book which glorifies these mass murderers. The the release of the book was made public on the Tigers' official website,

The London Evening Standard (UK)

Representatives of the Sri Lankan government are to meet Scotland Yard and the Home Office in the coming weeks for talks on the Tigers' presence in Britain. There are fears a new faction of the Tamil Tigers could emerge, fuelled by anger over the number of innocent people killed by the Sri Lankan army in its offensive against the militants.

Mrs Balasingham, who rarely leaves her four-bedroom home, declined to speak to the Standard. In her 2001 book The Will To Freedom: An Inside View Of Tamil Resistance, she wrote about staying as a "guest of honour" with Tigers' founder Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Scotland Yard said they were unable to comment on ongoing inquiries.
Adele's involvement with the Tigers, and years of assisting in the cult like brainwashing and indoctrination of women and children as suicide bombers, must not go unpunished.

The Tigers' rule of 'one child per household' effectively meant that nobody joined their so called liberation movement by free will. They were forced to die for a cause that brought joy, happiness and prosperity only to people like Adele.

'Bring Back the Child': UNICEF on child soldiers
by UNICEF_Television

It wont be wrong to say that 30 years of war (which the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam started over alleged discrimination) brought nothing but death and misery to thousands of Tamils, Sinhalese, Burghers, Malays, Boras and Moors. There is not a minority, not even the aboriginal people of the island- the Veddahs - that has not suffered at the hands of the Tamil Tigers (LTTE).

The biggest crime would be if people like Adele, who instigated the deaths of thousand of children, remain free.

Adele had said in the past that she joined the movement after the anti-Tamil riots of the 70's. Having lived in Sri Lanka during that time, I don't recall any anti-Tamil riots in the 70's. I wonder how much of what she read and heard about those riots was fabricated as the propaganda they spread today.

There won't be a need for the Tigers if they don't keep feeding their kids with lies about how Tamils suffer in Sri Lanka, or how everyone is out to get them. If they don't teach their kids to hate, their resistance movement is over.

(Images courtesy rut_rasta via Flicker, and Barry Phillips of The London Evening Standard)

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thekillromeoproject said...

The people who're screaming about war crimes should also ask for her to be arrested. After all, there is video evidence of her putting cyanide capsules around the necks of child soldiers!

Anonymous said...

Does she have kids?

Anonymous said...

Bailaman, your blog post is so clearly one sided that it is pretty pathetic, you are like a Nazi denying that the holocaust ever happened. Adele is by no means innocent but neither is the Sri Lankan Government, in fact if Adele is brought to justice so should the Genocidal SriLankan Government. It is best you get your facts right before spouting your "propoganda"....

Anonymous said...

Of course he is one sided. Not the side of the terrorist.

Anonymous said...

why is times UK silent on adele balasingham
haven't their intelligence found what we have discovered hope this paper will chase behind this
woman as they did against Srilanka the genuineness is left to be seen

Anonymous said...

"Genocidal Sri Lankan Government"..

"One sided blog"..

"Nazi denying holocaust"..

Please save us your crap.

Bailaman said...

How many sides of the story is there when it comes to Adele Balasingham?

Child Soldiers and Suicide bombers and on the other hand a government which has changed hands a number of times in the last 30 years.

Your use of the word 'Genocide' and 'Nazi Holocaust' is irrelevant to this post.

The only people who came close to committing Genocide on the island of Sri Lanka were the Tamil Tigers.

To create a Tamil only homeland, the Tigers killed countless Muslims and Sinhalese from the North and east provinces.

These are all well documented facts.

Your claim of 'Genocide' shows complete lack of respect to the millions who died in Rwanda and Nazi Germany.

Anonymous said...

She should be arrested. These videos are proof of coerced 'genocide of tamils'.

Jan from Tamils against Genocide must act ha hahahahahahhaaaa

Anonymous said...

The inaction by various humanitarian agencies and western governments towards successful prosecution of Adele Balasingham for war crimes in the face of a mountain of evidence, just goes to prove western double standards.

Anonymous said...

The inaction by various humanitarian agencies and western governments towards successful prosecution of Adele Balasingham for war crimes in the face of a mountain of evidence, just goes to prove western double standards.

Anonymous said...

you are a liar..there are historically documented riots in 1974 and 1977..the ltte only came about because the so called democracy between 1948-1983 just served majoritarian sinhala interests. The real cause of the war is not the so called "terrorists" but the racism of the Sinhalese and the way a flawed constitutional structure was hijacked by those sentiments.

Bailaman said...

Can you please enlighten us all with this 'Historically documented evidence"?

Please point to a neutral news source? Prove me a liar.

Stop playing the race card and back your statements please.

Anonymous said...

OK, here you go, list of ANTI-TAMIL-RIOTS for your consideration Mr Baila.

in more detail


Anonymous said...

some more
(please also read last paragraph of "Origin and evolution") If you think wikipedia is wrong feel free to edit with wikipedia's permission.


Bailaman said...

The wikipedia article and the claims of 1977 riots comes from the following page:

You can check the source on Wiki.

That's the document that the claim is based on.

You call me a 'liar' because the above is your evidence. My post has little to do with the 1977 riots and a lot to do with the terrorism you turned a blind eye to.

I was in Colombo in 1977. If there was any riots at the time, it must have involved no more than 20 people. Thats how small scale it was, and the reason I don't recall such riots. It culd all be fabricated, but I wont rule out my ignorance before I come to that conclusion. This is why I asked you to prove me wrong. You pulled out something that's not substantial enough to prove me wrong either.

I can see you wanting to pick a point in the article to seem like you have th better of the author. I understand that's only because the rest of the article deals a severe blow.

Anonymous said...

wow....great "sources", kajan is it?
maybe you should look a little further than wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

England arrest this war criminal!!

Anonymous said...

She has moved to the Bahamas now!

Anonymous said...

Hope White colonialists can take their own medicine when other non whites come to colonized lands by white colonialists (the list is long!) and train the indigenous land owners,including children to be child soldiers and suicide bombers against their colonial masters! 

Ditto Adele Ann wilby! Your crimes will then be forgiven when this scenario holds true..(I won't hold my breath)

Terrorism will never go away as long there is people lusting for money and power,

Of course it cut both ways,the oppressed fight back they are called freedom fighters and the states have state sponsored terrorists..called counterterrorism forces...confused?

Ved from Victoria Institutions said...

I have a very specific feeling that the man who wrote this terrible article should send the female members of his family to a Sri Lankan army camp. May be god will give him the chance to enjoy that spectacle!

Anonymous said...

Two wrongs don't make a right hang then all!

Anonymous said...

This blog post is one sided. The Sinhalese were jealous because Tamils were smarter and got power to be the rep for both Tamils and Sinhalese people... That's why they screwed them over for university entrances.. There were still hate crimes against Tamils, like in 1983. If the Sinhalese weren't so greedy and decided to allow both races live peacefully, by allowing both languages be recognized as official, none of this would have happened. This is how most wars are started. Jealousy. Are you stupid? LOL

Anonymous said...

ALSO, the things that the Sri Lankan army and Indian army did to the Tamil people in Vanni was DISGUSTING. Plus Raja Paksa got Sri Lanka in so much DEBT... He screwed over the whole country imo.

Anonymous said...

Adele Balasingham is indeed a remarkable woman. The British are not keeping her in the UK in relative safety because she is a war criminal but because she is a genuine political refugee. Britain, Australia and Israel at various times all provided critical intelligence to the Tamil Tigers at the height of the movement's power in Jaffna and other areas under their control. They did it to secure some advantage for themselves in the region.

The Tamil Tigers interestingly were not a banned organization in the US, Canada, the UK or Australia and New Zealand. Nor were they classed as a terrorist organization in any of these countries till after the war.

When "Colonel Karuna" was compromised and then made to turn coat it was because of an elaborate and very successful intelligence operation by a number of western agencies who wanted to bring the war to an end. To keep it going, they cultivated key players within the movement and used them for their own ends. When they no longer needed them they turned them in. Karuna was advised and shown some manufactured evidence of a plot against his life by his leader the late Vellupillay Prabahkaran. Karuna fell for the trap.

The idea of "child soldiers" is consistent and justified by the idea of child victims. In that war in Sri Lanka as in many other wars the west runs, children and the aged and defenceless are often the first and major victims of the war. They call them by other names like "collateral damage". How convenient. How impersonal. How brutal.

A high ranking supporter of the Tamil Tigers, a Mahamanithan once told me in an interview when asked how he justified the use of child soldiers by his community in Sri Lanka and he responded thus: " The bombs and bullets of Sinhala soldiers do not discriminate. They kill our children and the elderly in order to disorient and demoralize our people". We teach all of our community to defend themselves. If they are to die at the hands of the enemy, we don't wan't them to be mere hapless victims. We want them to have the opportunity and means to defend themselves to the death if necessary. What could be a more noble gesture then as leaders?". he explained.

I went on to another critical and vexed question: "Who appointed the Tamil Tigers leaders or guardians of the Tamils?" his response was equally candid and straight forward: "The situation did. Who elected Mahatma Gandhi, Fidel Castro or Ho Chi Minh to guide their people to independence?" he responded

Rest in Peace Professor Eliezer

Anonymous said...

"There won't be a need for the Tigers if they don't keep feeding their kids with lies about how Tamils suffer in Sri Lanka, or how everyone is out to get them. If they don't teach their kids to hate, their resistance movement is over."

I'm sorry, but who are you to label other's experiences? Do not try and input your opinion as fact. Do not deny atrocities and oppression just because you were not the recipient of the shorter end of the stick. There are so many displaced Eelam Tamils that had to flee for the safety of themselves and their families. This oppression and displacement is not new to just the Tamil community, there are so many historical events that outline how the disgusting act of genocide plays out; the Holocaust, the Rwanda genocide, the Armenian genocide and the Tamil genocide. You can't hide the fact of a genocide behind a war. Conduct your research more effectively before writing an article trying to define people and their experiences.

Also, you were in Colombo in 1977 and didn't see a mass scale of violence, therefore there must have not been any form of violence anywhere else in the country, conducted by the Sri Lankan government and army against Tamil civilians and a resistance just broke out of the blue? Seriously - what has research and journalism come to?

Finally, when writing an opinionated piece, ensure that your language fits your writing style. Good luck in the future, looks like you'll be needing it.

Unknown said...

This bitch make so much money from tamil tiger terrorists.she also dead like how prabakaran got killed point blank πŸ˜…πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ all prabakaran family finish ...
Thank god to srilankan army they finish all family rootsπŸ‘

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