Noteworthy Letters to the Editor

Browsing through the Sunday Times today I came across a letter written to the Editor.

The war has come to an end, however, the citizens of Sri Lanka are still required to register via the website

A.J. Vincent of Nugegoda raises a fair question which needs to be addressed in the coming days.

" It was heartening to read the President’s speech avowing that all citizens irrespective of ethnic background would be treated as equals. This was further confirmed by the remarks of the retiring Chief Justice. Now we are told to register on by the Department of Defence who say it is for the security of ourselves and property.

The forms are to be directed to the Police of your area and it has a column for ethnic group. Why? A question like this from the Department of Census and Statistics is acceptable. But how does this concern the Police?

Doesn’t this sound like a ploy to find out where the minority group resides and carry out checks on them because all of them can be suspected LTTE supporters? Something is definitely rotten in the state of …..

The gurus who designed the form also have a column for number of residents- either permanent or temporary! You presumably cannot have both in a home. When if ever, can we all proudly call ourselves Sri Lankan?

A.J. Vincent, Nugegoda

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