POW describes end days of Sri Lanka's war

During the end days of the conflict in Sri Lanka seven members of the Sri Lankan armed forces, who were held as Prisoners of War, managed to flee and cross over to government controlled areas.

Tamilnet reported it as a 'release' of goodwill. DBS Jeyaraj, who many turned to as a source for 'genuine' and 'inside' news, swallowed it whole as he usually does.

If DBS is this off the mark with this, one can imagine his stories of casualties are also just that, stories.

DBS Jeyaraj
Meanwhile the LTTE also released seven security personnel in their custody. Four were from the Navy captured by tigers off the Point Pedro coast in 2006 November when two Dvora gun boats were attacked. Three were soldiers taken prisoner on separate occasions in Muhamaalai and Paranthan last year.

The seven servicemen turned themselves in to the 59 and informed them of the tiger offer to surrender. They were advised to return and bring the tiger political leaders.

So Nadesan, Pulidevan and Vijitha the Sinhala wife of Nadesan came out with the released prisoners, carrying white flags.The idea was to negotiate terms of surrender with the army.

The BBC managed to secure an interview with one of the POWs who fled. Chaminda Kumara Hewage of the Sri Lankan Navy explained to the BBC how they managed to flee the Tigers. Thus, proving they were never released, nor where they ever a part of a surrender.


The group managed to escape with fleeing civilians and Tamil Tigers early in the morning of 17 May.

"Many Tamil Tigers had already surrendered and the unit guarding us also decided to give themselves up so we made use of the opportunity to flee," he told the BBC's Sinhala Service.

Chaminda Kumara says he saw pistols and other weapons being thrown away by the fleeing LTTE members.

"There were pistols, LTTE tags, belts and cyanide capsules thrown away in LTTE camps and all along the road" he says.

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