Sri Lanka - The United Nations has made no such call

It fascinates me how the media can sensationalise anything, even the deaths of thousands, to make a quick buck.

No one has done this better, of late, than the British press.

The press will publish even lies for a front page story, and then fall back on that little (hidden) section of their publication or website called, 'Corrections and Clarifications.'

Guardian - Corrections and clarifications (UK)

A headline - UN calls for inquiry on 'unacceptably high' civilian death toll in Sri Lanka - overstepped the facts. The United Nations has made no such call. As the story reported, this suggestion came from the head of the UN office for the co-ordination of humanitarian affairs, who was also quoted as saying that some member states had little appetite for such an inquiry (30 May, page 22, and 29 May,

There are several such instances where the press has painted Sri Lanka and all it's citizens in bad light. The correction appears virtually unknown and unseen to the general public.

I guess the world will "never know the truth" if the truth is hidden in the Corrections and Clarifications page.

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