Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers through the eyes of an American

I wont to ramble on too much, as I tend to do, I'll leave you to Jim Luce's brilliant article on the Huffington Post.

An excerpt below.

The Huffington Post
As an American who has been actively involved with Sri Lanka since the Tsunami, I have never understood this.

I am beginning to. The Tamil Tigers not only created the world's most powerful terrorist organization -- the only one ever to have a full army, navy, and air force -- but they created a network within the 1.2 million Tamil Diaspora that is almost as powerful.

Who is Jim Luce?
Jim Luce ( writes and speaks on Thought Leaders and Global Citizens. His articles are frequently picked up by the websites of Yahoo! News, USA Today, the L.A. Times, and the N.Y. Daily News.

Bringing 26 years management experience within both investment banking and the non-profit sector, Jim has worked for Daiwa Bank, Merrill Lynch, a spin-off of Lazard Freres, and two not-for profit organizations and a foundation he founded.

As Founder & CEO of Orphans International Worldwide (, he is working with a strong network of committed professionals to build interfaith, interracial, Internet-connected orphanages in Haiti and Indonesia, and creating a new, family-care model for orphans in Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

Jim founded the James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation ( to fund leadership dedicated to ending orphanages in the developing world through creative means including the development of foster/family care programs.

He speaks often before college audiences and at the United Nations. He has been honored twice by the U.S. Congress.

Jim holds an East Asian Studies degree from the College of Wooster, and studied at Waseda University, Tokyo, Centro de Estudiar Colombino-Americano (Bogotá), and through AFS at Max-Plank Gymnasium (Bielefeld, Germany).

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